I am watching the devastation Katrina has caused in New Orleans, Biloxi, Tennessee, and surrounding areas. It makes me so sad for the people, the families that have been ripped apart, or have come home to nothing. I can’t imagine the impact on myself and my kids if we walked away from our house, our memories, our belongings; to come back home to nothing at all but the spot where it all once stood.

Inmidst all this devastation, what do you have? Looters. My gosh, you make me want to puke! Standing in front of the cameras, smiling, because you think you made a “steal”. Stealing, that is what you are doing. You are nothing but a low life theif. Don’t tell me you have to loot to survive, you can’t eat that camera or DVD player. You suck.

I am watching this and I am getting so angry. I feel helpless because I am stiing on another coast trying to figure out how I can “do something”. Give blood? What if one these looters cuts themselves while they are bashing a window?? Will they get my precious blood that is directed to those who were caught inthe wrath of Katrina?

i can’t believe the Police down there has to stop their relief and survivor efforts to control these theives. Precious lives could be lost because time is of essence. You Looters have been spared, and now you are stealing. You suck.

One day, when everything gets back to normal and Katrina is part of the History books, you will watch a report and see yourself, both man and woman. Maybe. Maybe you will get a decease from the tainted water that you are wading through to find your booty. I know you can’t read this now because you don’t have electricity, but you will one day, and you will feel like slime.