Do you practice “lock down” with your kids?

Not too long ago, I had this discussion with friends. Some of my dear friends did not want to discuss things like lock downs, what to do when you see a gun, etc, with their children. For the fear of scaring them, or because it seems too negative.

We choose to talk to our kids about these things, even if we live in a pretty “safe” community.

Recently, my son, 4, and I got to practice “lock down” and low crawl “for real”. Thankfully, the police apprehended the person and everything ended without anyone being harmed. I am disturbed that most of the adults and children with us were so confused and scared that they did not know how to react when I yelled “drop down!”. One of my friends said today: “You should have told them to get down and wiggle like a worm.” There was no time for games; guns were drawn, and bullets have no name once they fly.

This day has rattled my life. Nowadays, these situations are becoming more frequent.

My son dropped like a stone to the floor and low crawled over to me.
I have never been so grateful for discussing a sticky subject with my child, and letting him watch COPS :).

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