Every so often universe smiles on me and sends a great woman into my life :). One of these women is my friend Sharon, who I have known for many cyberyears. She has just published her first book, and I would like to share this with you. This book is an extension of the Goddess Gift test, one I took many years ago, and again recently as I have gone through some “turbolent” times. I can only tell you that this test, and recognizing and embracing my archetype, has changed my life in many ways.

The release is quit a fanfare, and with it you can enjoy great gifts. Enjoy. Please pass this on to your friend or sister who will smile upon it.

Warmest Greetings,
Heike, the Fairy Goddessmother

Announcing the Release of
Goddess Gift: Discover Your Personal Goddess Type

After what seemed like the world’s longest gestation period, the newest goddess has finally emerged into the world of books! And a circle of friends have offered to serve as her goddess-mothers and godfathers to help introduce her to the world amid great fan-fare and celebration!
You’re going to be excited when you see the special offer. When you order the book Goddess Gift: Discover Your Personal Goddess Type you will receive a special package of valuable gifts from this circle of friends. These bonus gifts alone make buying the book an outstanding bargain.
Plus you don’t have to buy the book to win a prize. Just by checking out the offer you can enter the raffle at the ‘Goddess Goodies Give-Away’ that’s being held to celebrate the book’s release.

Check it out — http://www.goddess-gift.com/promo/giveaway.htm

Goddess Gift: Discover Your Personal Goddess Type offers a rare look into what it really means for a woman to find her inner goddess and deeply connect with it. It contains a self-scoring mini-version of the Goddess Quiz and shows you how to nurture your inner goddess to help you create the fulfilling life that you were meant to live. (And men, this book makes a wonderful gift for any of the women in your life.)

So, get this book. Give this book. Tell a friend. Buy a copy for a client or a relative. (I know I’m biased, but it really is that good!)

Take a peek — http://www.goddess-gift.com/promo/giveaway.htm

On a personal note . . . Thank you for being such faithful followers of the newsletter and for so many of you writing to ask when Goddess Gift: Discover Your Personal Goddess Type was finally going to be available. Believe me, just knowing that you were interested and waiting to hear about the book made it a lot easier for me to weather all the disappointing postponements.

I’m sorry you had to wait so long, but know that you’ll think that she was worth the wait!

Thanks for letting me share this exciting event with you. Help us spread the word about it– forward this message to your friends.

It’s Imbolc…..celebrate new life!!


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