I don’t know if I was born with it, or if I have cultivated this art over the years. Tonight, I finally did my taxes. Hey, 5!!! days before the deadline. It is not as if I do them myself, no, I hire someone. Every year, I tell him the same thing “This year I am entering all this stuff into the computer as I go. Then, all I have to do is print it out.” Today, he just smirked at me. Yeah, yeah. I have been giving him that line for 9 years.

I don’t know why I am such a damn procrastinator. Is there a “Procrastinator Anonymous”?? I am wore out from this day, sitting here with a bottle of wine I finished myself, trying to figure out why the hell I do this to myself every year. It is really not that hard.

If you sell an organization tool for people like me, email me and I will buy it.

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