Dinner is family time in our house :).

Tonight, my daughter opens the dinner round with:

“Guess what? Today so-and-so, who is in 6th grade, came to the park with our class. And do you know what he was wearing? A sweatshirt that says “Ask me about Jesus!”.


“Really?” I say. “And no one asked him to take it off?”.
“What do you think about this?” I say.
“It is not part of our uniform.” D says. (Laughing my butt off. Funny, how “I” am seeing a totally different problem here.)
“Hmm…I wonder if a child wore a sweatshirt to school that says: “Ask me about Budhism”, or “Ask me about Allah”. Do you think they would be allowed to wear it?” I ask.
“I want a shirt that says “Ask me about my Goddess”. D says. “And I want to wear it to school. Then we will see.”

That’s my girl!

🙂 Proud Mama.

Our dinner lasted well over an hour. My son, 5, thinks we should all have a shirt with “oh, Goddess!” on it, and Goddess in the Groove.com on the back (LOL!! I love my kids!!). We also discussed “Little Witch” or “Be Witched”.

We discussed the fundamentals of this small, but oh so huge, incident. It is all about tolerance, I think. I can care less what your shirt says, show your faith, as long as I can wear mine.

Prototypes coming soon! 🙂

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