Meet the newest member of our family, REX.
He is a 10 week old Shepard, and he is the BOMB! He is keeping us all busy, has made us clean up our shoes on a constant basis, and I run around with a long sleeved shirt in 90 degree weather because my arms look like I am a “bramble bush maid”. My neighbors have already commented on our constant shouts of “NO REX”. Yes, there is a new sheriff in town…We took him for his first stroll in the neighborhood yesterday, limited, as we are still awaiting the final puppy shots. But I thought I would share, and now those of you who do not hear back from me will understand :). I am training a puppy, alongside his human brother. They are making me nuts. My old dog has had enough of all this action too.

Here are some pictures I have taken in the last few days. I am holding his “little” paw at 9 weeks. He is a hunker. I love big dogs :). That is why he came to us (this is a whole ‘nother story!).

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