I believe in, and teach my kids to, respect Mother Earth. Part of this is respecting animals.

I have always been a proponent of organic milk and meat, because of the hormones and medications given to industrial raised animals. With “organics” becoming trendy, mainstream stores are going green.

Though I think this is a nice thought, reality is that much of the products offered in big stores under their brand is not organic by the same standards as food you might buy at the natural food coop. So, if you are truey going organic, investigate where your product is coming from “for real”.

Organic milk, and soy product, has been under scrutiny for some time now by the OCO. Several brands, though “organic” to some standard, we receiving their milk from factory farms, who are not raising their cows respectfully. OCA, and many co-op stores, as well as consumers, began boycotting these companies. Many of them produce organic milk for a store near you…..

Take a look at these pictures taken of “organic” farms. Let me warn you, these are not happy cows, and if you are a cow lover, you will be sad. They are not gory, but I feel shocking enough to make people understand the difference between “organic” and “loophole organic”.

But I betcha you won’t by these brands of organic milk anymore…


If you want to know more about this campaign, and how you personally can take action:


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