Ok, first off, I don’t like these games because I can NEVER come up with the “required” amount of people. I seem to be pretty scarce on friends! Plus, I tagged a few people who don’t even know I am reading their blogs…:)…and probably think I am some crazy nut.

BUT, because I was tagged by what seems to be a new found soul sister, I will play along as I finish of my wine. Here are the rules (copied from DJKirby, as my brain is already moving forward):

(quote)”But not for long as I am going to try and tag you before I go sprawling on my face, mid run, in my usual incredibly graceful fashion… Now pay attention ‘cos here are the rules as told by Elsie, http://djkirkby.blogspot.com/ who tagged me as (a punishment) a way of getting to know me better:

The whole idea is to tell 8 things about yourself that others don’t know (and presumably do want to know?), then tag 8 different other people (who hopefully will still read my blog after this!) and get to know them (so presumably not blogs I already read? Oh help, I am shit at these things!).” (unquote!)

Here goes then…

1. Whenever I get overwhelmed, my house gets too dirty, my kids get too rotten, I don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough shoes, or I am having a shitty hair day: I shut down. Completely. Don’t call me, email me, or even talk to me, because I will not respond. I write my best pieces when I am there…in my black hole. I am always fascinated by witty, zany-humorous (does that make sense?? Weird things make me laugh, for real.) blogs and articles, and wish I could be like them.

2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE buffets. Especially Asian ones. I like switching back and forth between spicey and sweet, load up on sushi like there is no tomorrow, then go back to spicey, and could just die for sweet sesame balls. Normally, I eat organic and totally clean food, so I always pray that my body will forgive me for the buffet and fight off any food poisoning that may be lurking. I have a special “Buffet Goddess” that I wear, just incase…for protection, LOL.

3. I think I was much wittier when I worked out. Now that my ass is rooted to my computer and I drink too much beer and wine, my anecdotes are only laughed at when I splurt them out at an occasional girl’s night out…Of course, everyone is slightly sloshed.

4. I want to sell my house, buy an RV, and drive around the country for 12 months. While doing that, I want to find the perfect place to live, and never move again.

5. When my kids are older, I am going to become a midwife. I think. I may have to start working out again to keep up with the energy thing.

6. I cannot meditate. I get so bored that my mind races to a million different places. I wish I could shut down my brain, and I envy all those who can do this on a drop of a hat. Just like my husband, who can fall into deep sleep in minutes, completely oblivious to the chaos around him. I tried yoga, because that is supposed to be best for my broken back, but that kind of bored me too….

7. I want to raise goats and make goat cheese. (No, I was not born on a farm, nor am I a hippie. I am a city girl who loves cowboy boots, and needs some peace). The bonus, I can get my son, the chicken whisperer, some chickens. He will love his mama forever. My daughter will take over the marketing of my cheese, so she will be happy too. All of this, of course, after the RV trip.

8. I hate schedules, they give me hives.

All G-rated. I hope my tag-ees are as thrilled as I am to share :).
Out to shoot some tags at:

Well, I could not supply 8, because I only really read 6.
Can I tag back to DJKirby???
Bis morgen!

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