Today, my baby “graduated” from preschool.


I must admit, I did not cry. I am not sure why, everyone else did. Maybe because my baby will always be my baby, and we both know it. My oldest is 9, and she is still my baby too. It runs in the family.

I should be much sadder about the fact that all the pictures I took will end up right here on my MAC, and if I ever have a crash, our historical moment will be lost. With 6,456 other digital memories. One of the teachers made these beautiful scrap books out of paper bags, and everyone had cute little stories and anecdotes written in theirs. Except us, though I did manage to glue in some great pics though!!! 🙂 I am such a memory slacker. I should really find some manic scrapbooking friend who is magic and can whip all my pictures, starting with the box of wedding pics, into beautiful, chronological albums with one wave of her wand. I will then edit and enter my own words, and add the names of people and places for future reference, of course. If I can remember them.

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