I have two little entrepreneurs :). While my kids already have their own bank account, and budding website, I am always looking for appropriate, and safe ways for them to earn money. Here is a quick article from MomsTalkNetwork (published with permission) :

Summer Business Ideas For Kids

When school is out, kids want to find something to do to occupy their time. Why not start a small business? Kids can do something they enjoy and make money at the same time.

Sit down with your kids and have them list the things that they like to do. Developing a business plan with your kids will determine what money, if any, is needed up front. Kids can make their own flyers advertising the new business and hand them out throughout the neighborhood and to family and friends.

Kids that love to work in the garden may be able to make a go of a produce stand business. Farmer’s markets are popular these days because their fruits and vegetables are fresh. If you have a vegetable garden, your kids can sell their own produce. Visiting a farmer’s market will give the kids an idea of where to start with their business and what items sell best during the summer months.

Car washing has been a popular fundraiser for years. School students pick a nice Saturday and wash as many cars as they can. This idea can be converted into a business for the neighborhood kids.

Decide how many kids want to be involved. If a neighbor or parent of one of the kids owns a business, he or she may give you the use of their parking lot and water for a nominal fee or a small percentage of the profits. As a parent, you can extend to the kids their first business loan so that they can purchase supplies. After their first car wash, they can pay back the loan.

The Internet is a popular way for adults to turn a profit, so why not your kids? Turn their closet full of baby clothes and underused toys into cash on eBay. Take pictures of all of the items that you wish to sell and set up an online auction. Letting them choose what they will part with gives them a say in the business. Include them in every aspect of the sale.

Another Internet activity is blogging. A blog is an online diary or journal. A blog can also showcase a particular area of interest. If your child likes video games, they can offer gaming tips, game and system reviews, and personal reflections. Adding links to gaming affiliate websites could bring in some money for the enterprising young person.

Starting a business is a bit of work, but it is also a time to bond with your child. Kids get a positive idea about business and how it works while they do something that they love. Next summer, they may want to try out another venture.

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