A few years ago, I was interviewed by a “hip” local paper on my business. After the interview, I told the reporter I hated living in this “cow town”. She almost bit my head off, telling me how much she detested people like me who live in the ‘burbs and think the city is boring. Well…needless to say, that was not my best press article :).

Anyways, she was right. After living here for over 10 years, I have JUST discovered a jewel in this cow town. The river. The river that is feared, as we lie right between two big rivers, just waiting to overflow and destine us to bond with New Orleans (or so they say.) In my quest to find cheap things to do with my kids this Summer, I have purchased a regional parks pass, and we are exploring nature around us.

I must say, I have been missing something. Hanging out by the river, shaded by huge, old oak trees, with enough food and water, is BLISS!

Here are some pictures from our river outing this week. This is the first time our puppy has felt the water carry is body, and he did what every puppy and kid does in this situation: Panic and swim to mama!

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