We are grieving the loss of our dog and 17year long companion, Caesar.

We had to let him go on Sunday night. Fortunately, we spent a wonderful “Caesar Day” with him in the park and in the creek. Plus, we fed him yummy things all day that he would never get normally. We held him as we let him go, and he knows he is loved and will be missed dearly.

I am so sad.

I found this short story I never finished 4 years ago, I will share the unfinished version with you:

Running with the dogs

by Heike Boehnke-Sharp

Today I saw my dogs’ true spirit. He was running wild, with a friend, in a streak of freedom.

My dog, Caesar, is 13 years old. He is my ‘wolf”. Not a real wolf of course, but my wolf. I got him from my husband when he was just a puppy, and we were living n the city. He has been my true companion since, though his breed and his stubborness have brought us much trouble.

In his heart he is a true protector. He kept my apartment from being burglarized once while I was sleeping. Now he protects my children to a tee, and let’s them run him crazy. Until he has had enough, then he comes to me for protection, our roles change every so often.

He is a house dog, still, even though we live from any city now. Today he broke away from my husband and ran! My husband brought our other dog home, and told me Caesar broke off his leash. He went to look for him.

I knew he would come home. I put on some clothes, and already then I heard his collar jingling inthe front yard. I opened the door, and there he was, with a friend. A 70 pound German Shepard, and they were both just staring at me. When I went out to get him, he took a quick look at me, nudged his friend, and off they ran. I got one more look.

Watching these two strange dogs run side by side into the rising sun was beautiful.

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