Today I see this headline in my inbox:

“Spend More Time with Your Kids – 150 Home Businesses to Choose From”

Having had 3 home businesses in direct sales, and now making and selling goddess pendants on demand, I can promise you that you will spend LESS time with your kids when you have a home business. Plus, they will memorize every stupid kids’ show. You know, the ones you only let them watch to “shush” them while you are on the phone???

You can try to lay down the law and create business hours, but I guarantee you that one child will have a “HUGE poop” right in the middle of your conference call, and the only one qualified to wipe that cute little butt is YOU. You will also find that when you are trying to qualify someone to see if they fit in your team, you will get so friendly that hours go by, and before you know it, three TV dorks have infiltrated your family. If you are on the West Coast, I betcha all the training calls are right around dinner time. My family got very used to listening to training with me on the speaker phone, but it took me ages to train them all to be quiet when I had to “unmute” my phone to chime into a conversation. You will start answering emails while your kids sleep (when do we work at home moms sleep? NEVER!!), and once you get busy and successful, you will carry the laptop around with you while you sort underwear. Or you will train your oldest child how to send pre-written email responses back :).

Doing shows is also quit tiring, unless you are so lucky to love your mom enough to let her live with you. Otherwise, your $300 to $500 show can quickly turn very measly because you have to pay a sitter every night. And we all know the “I will get you all home by 8pm, I promise!” is a big joke. I don’t care how bitchy I was, I was always tied up in conversations or finishing ONE LAST ORDER, so I was always home late when my kids were already in bed. Your husband will hate you, unless you have your mom to watch the kids instead of him, of course.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE direct sales and working from home, and was damn good at it. (cuz’ I love to talk :)…) I support WAHM’s vigorously.

But I gave it up about a year ago to spend more time with my kids…..


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