As I am driving home today after hours of socially active homeschooling (I will let you ponder on what that is :)..), and a very hyperactive spurt to the grocery store (“Look mom, I just ate all their spicy cheese samples! Want an olive???”) my husband calls:

“Hey sweetlips, what are you doing?”
“I just went to the store.”
“What store?”
(What the hell do you care????)
“To XYZ to buy organic meat, oh, and bones for Rex.”
“Did you buy anything else?”
“Yes, some other things too, but I am still going to the “big outlet store” to buy basics TOMORROW.”
“What?? We have NO food at home!”

I will spare you the rest of this conversation, as it was not very nice. Plus, I ended up cursing at everyone in front of, next to, and behind me. My son says “dumbass” again.


So I drag myself, and my very cranky kids to yet ANOTHER store to get the “oh so holy bologna” and other crap food my husband craves.

I get home, $90.00 later, and don’t have any room in the friggin’ fridge!!!!

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