That is what I will be soon!

Here is an update on my week of contractions!

1. My proof came very quickly in the mail. Now I know why the publisher insists on a proof! Even though four adults, and one minor, proofread the manuscript, the proof copy had a zillion typos in it. And missing words, hell, there was a space where I seemed to go to sleep in the middle of the story! (My husband compared me to Forrest Gump, when he said “I am tired now, I am going home.” in the part of the movie where he ran across the nation and all the people were following him. He just stopped, turned around, and went home.) There were also some formatting issues. I am happy to say we tackled them all, and the second proof is on the way :).

2. I think I got food poisoning. Can’t figure out if it was the celebratin dinner on Saturday, the quiche I bought at the bake sale, or the Oyster mushrooms I bought at the market on Sunday and ate. Yuck. I feel like I got hit by a freight train. And there is no chance of sleep and rest in this house, unless someone feels sorry enough for me to adopt my family?? PLEASE???

3. My dog is sick and I cannot find a vet who is not afraid of him. Seriously. Plus, he is a nervous wreck when I have to take him to the vet, and now he has something going on with his ear. So, tomorrow, we are trying vet #3, who I am told is not afraid of big dogs. We are at 83lbs, and almost a year old. Cross your fingers.

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