the Heike Family must curb the urge to explore and stay home.

This weekend, we decided to tend to the remodel of the playhouse Mr. Heike and I built a few years ago for our little dahlings…..We both have a problem with straight edges, so everything we build has a slight lean to it. Anyways, our house was MARVELOUS, and we painted it turquoise! Marvelous, until the first rain came and we, the super architects, realized that we (no, really Mr. Heike) should have paid $2 a board more for REAL WOOD.


Our beautiful Villa Villakulla slowly waved and rotted away. So we are remodeling. The frame is in excellent shape. We used almost as many 2×4’s as the contractor who converted our garage. We have a secret: If there should ever be a hurricane here, our converted room will stand, even if the rest of the house blows away. Our “contractor” (wondered why he was willing to drive 3 hours each way…that SHOULD have been a friggin’ sign!) put enough 2×4’s in here to build another house. But “shhhh”, we don’t want all our friends bunkering up in here!!

So, Heike Junior #2, who we will now call Little Lenny (I have a secret love for Lenny Kravitz…and look at my little dahling, does he not have an eerie resemblance?? No more secrets for today….) was in charge of demolishing, and then landscaping with the weedeater.

Heike Junior #1 was in charge of sanding and painting the furniture (dig her safety outfit, she is serious!).

Now all we have to do is rebuild.

I have no idea how our RV toilet made it into this picture….and why….

And last, but not least, I planted tomatoes. I don’t know, but I think this will be the BEST OF THEM ALL 🙂 (you have to click in close to read the little sign….).


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