In an effort to save gas, which is $4.69 a gallon, and some parking fees, my kids and I decided to take the bus downtown to an event.

Even though we are in the Capitol, our public transit is not what I am used to from the city, so I never take it anywhere. So the night before, I printed out a schedule of all routes that we could take (and there were, surprisingly, several.), and I called the RT to find out how the transfers, etc worked. LOL..I am sure the guy thought I was a total country bumpkin :).

Geared up with water, my schedule, exact change, and my cell phone for emergency pick-ups, we headed out in the morning. We were exactly 25 minutes too early, something that never happens with us! So we sat around in the heat, and waited for our bus. It came, right on time! GREAT AC!!!

Of course, I picked the route where we transfer in the ghetto. Yes sir, everything was fine until we got closer to downtown. My kids are pretty traveled, but they inched so close to me that they could have been my second skin.

It did only take us 36 minutes, and it was really not so bad. Granted, I am used to excentric characters, as I lived downtown Frankfurt and took the subway everywhere. My kids lead a sheltered life of being chauffered around by mama.

In these times of high gas prices and stinky air, that public transit is becoming a very welcome alternative, and I saved about $10 on gas and parking fees. My kids learned that they have a pretty comfy lifestyle, so there was a little lesson for us all on that public bus :)……

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