When I read this article about a possible Bill 1709 being passed that encourages schools to give students rewards for getting good test scores, I about blew a gasket.

I HATE when instructors or teachers try to bribe my kids with “stuff” or rewards. We don’t believe in bribes. Rewards as a gift, yes. Dangling a “reward Carrot” to make the kid do their best, no.

What do we teach our kids when they only work for something?
Really, my reward for working hard in school was getting a good grade. Period.

I already balked at “Show up for STAR testing, and get a xxx ticket”. We home shool and use a public charter school; one of our responsibilities is to STAR test. It is the trade-off for the perks. I was aghast that the charter had to “bribe” parents to bring their children in for an event I thought was mandatory, ethically mandatory, not necessarily legally.

Now there are actually politicians that feel it will be a benefit to bribe, oh excuse me, REWARD students with non-monetary items for giving their best. They are specifying non-monetary, seems someone already tried cash bribes and the kids got cocky…

Now that is setting a good example, oui?

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