Here is an excerpt from my book, Witch (Part Three) page 71:

“…but it came full circle at a recent “dinner discussion” (We always eat dinner together, at the table…yes, I know it is prehistoric, but I insist. It is our family roundtable).

Benjamin: “Mama, if I eat pollen, will I poop honey?
Mama: No, you cannot make honey.
Benjamin: Why?
Mama: Because you are not a bee.
Benjamin: So? Can’t I still poop honey if eat pollen from the flowers?
Mama: Benjamin, you have seen the bee webs at the market. You know, the honey man. Bees go in there, and that is how the honey is made. Bees have special honey makers in their body.
Benjamin: If I eat the bee, can I poop honey?

This went around and around for quite some time. I will spare you the details. Once I was done snorting every time I thought about his eager face and innocent question, I began to ask myself at what point in life we begin to no longer believe in ourselves? When do we wake up and lose the belief that we can make anything happen, as long as we want it to happen?

When do we begin to let other people tell us what is right and wrong, and what we can achieve? When do begin believing that any “expert” knows better than we do? When do we bury our instinct, and drive?”

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It is a few days after New Moon…I always get into my adventure phase right about now. You know, when my mind is flooded with ideas that never seem to stop, and that are THE thing I have to do. A few months ago, I went to see some business consultants with a new business idea. They though it was “cute”, but would it make it to the shelves of Raley’s, our big local grocery store? Probably not, because I do not have much interest in getting on to the shelves of Raley’s. But that seems to be how you can measure your success, seeing your product on the shelf. After this meeting, I blew the idea off a bit, as the production, marketing, and legal follow up they suggested was just too overwhelming for me. POOF..there went that dream.

No, no, I am not getting depressed. Actually, I am feeling much better about this now, and have decided to begin anyways. Because my goal is not to be seen at Raley’s, but my goal is to realize this product, and get it to women like me. If I need it, at least one out of three other women out there need it too, right?

The funny thing about Passion is that it never lets you out of its’ grip. Deep down, you think about it, wonder about, and if you don’t do it, you will remember and regret it forever. My philosophy is: try it. Don’t use your head as much as your heart. Yes, it may be a big flop, but you tried it and do not have to regret or wonder for the rest of your life.

What prompted all this? We watched “The Bucket List” today :), and I have started my own list.

Some updates from the life of me:
If you are following my Feng Shui make-over, have no fear, the unveil of area one is almost here!! Sorted many, many, many balls of yarn today!! I was a bit distracted by some other projects that popped up right when I started! Imagine that…..
I am not feeling pressure AT ALL, since I am journaling this on the blog.

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