On our bi-weekly treasure hunt at the thrift store (we were actually looking for WHITE jeans for my kids for 4H…who the hell still wears white jeans???), we found this:

My 6 year old thought it was super cool, and we plunked down to play. You see, it has Junior, Youth, and Senior questions, so the whole family can play t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r. I made Heike Jr. do the dishes instead, she is too smart and I had to test it on the little one first.

Well, all my school education was good for NOTHING!

Here are some of the Junior questions:
Q. What kind of fish is scrod?
A. Young codfish cut and ready for cooking.

Q. How many continents are there? Name them. (Sarah should have played this game…)
A. Seven. Asia, AFRICA, N. America, S. America, Europe, Australia and Antartica.
~~~ P.S. 6 year old knew these :)..

Q. Is Washington D.C. a state?
A. No, it is a federal district.

Q. Who founded the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis?
A. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Q. Who sought the Fountain of Youth?
A. Ponce de Leon

ok…a little harder, geared towards the YOUTH brain:

Q. In dry measure, how many quarts are there in a peck?
A. 8 quarts

And for when you are older and your brain cells are deteriorating:

Q. What number is MCDXCII?
A. 1492

Q. How many provinces border the combined states of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, and what are they?
A. 3 – British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Q. What is the easternmost province of Canada?
A. Newfoundland
(that one is for my Canadian friends :)…)

Q. Harsh sounds and cries describe this ‘cat”.
A. Caterwaul.

My secret: I picked all my questions from the Junior section….need to hone up on my classical education before I play this game with the juniors….

What I am grateful for:
That my children see the value of something for what it is, not where it came from or what it costs. They are the best Assistant Treasure Hunters ever…

What I am manifesting:
Still manifesting the return of my Muse.

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