I just read another post about “friends”.

We women really seem to never grow out of the “girlfriend” stage, do we? After being so often disappointed by women who I thought were my friends, I had a stage where I had NO friends at all, because I was tired of the chick stuff.

That passed, and I had some pseudo close friends for a couple of years. I would defend them when my husband called them “fake”, because they were my friends……

He was right :)..I just did not want to register that they never came to my birthdays, never surprised me with a special anything, that they were basically never around when I needed them. Then one day it clicked, and I just let them go.


That was like a good burp, and cleared my Spirit. All of a sudden, great new women entered my life. Women who were the total opposite, but so much more like me because they were so opposite! I kept hearing myself say:”Where have you been all my life??”. They are not always happy, cheerful, beautiful, patient, craft, accomplished, successful, or sober :). But they are fabulous. They love me for me, they respect me for who I am, and if I need them (if only to drink a glass a wine or to talk on the phone after 10:30pm when my house is quiet.), they are there.

And there are my cyber sisters ;). I love you. You guys are here at 3 am with advice, back-up, and laughter.

That is what I call a friend, oui?

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