My Goddess, I must be attracting bitchie germs today! It has, over the course of the day, really been “one of those days”. One of those days where I wish I had no manners and no kids, because I would kick some ass. There, I said it.

This morning, I woke up to the following message ( I sent out an email last night announcing my Black Friday Special, this particular one is from an Indie artist network I am on):

“Dear goddess in the groove,
I do not believe in gddessess . I believe in the one true living God, who send his only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us for our sins who was raised from the dead and is alive in heaven to return one day. Read in the Holy Bible In John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He send his one and only Son ,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Jesus layed his live down for you ,he died for your sins. All you have to do is ask for forgiveness that your sins are forgiven and believe that he came to die for you , was raised to life after he was dead three days and lives in heaven now and He will return one day. Thats all………it does not cost anything ,because Jesus paid the price for you.
Be filled with His Spirit and Live your live in the power of the Holy Spirit. Goddessess can’t save you ,only Jesus can.
Best Regards,
(Name withheld to protect the ????)”

Seriously?? What the hell?
Anywhoooooooooo. My response:

“Dear Name withheld to protect the ??? (fill in the blank),

I am sorry you don’t “believe” in Goddesses. My Goddesses are my art. They represent women in all their forms: as women, mothers, strength, wisdom, versatility, overcoming obstacles, etc. They do not represent “sin” or being a martyrer. They are here to be an ally to the women who need them for the above reasons. They are here so the women who want them can wear them, or hang them up somewhere to remind them of the wonderful Being that they are.

I am not on a religious crusade, nor do I ever strive to “convert” anyone. You obviously are, and I am offended that you would blatantly send me this religious post, since you have no idea what religious beliefs I have. I still like to believe that as artists we can see the world from a different angle, and be non-judgmental.

I enjoy your jewelry, but not your judgement in response to a sale announcement I sent to my “friends” list. Feel free to remove me as your friend.

Blessings to you, “

My Goddesses of Patience saved her from a post that said “KISS MY GODDESS ASS”. I was miffed, now I feel a bit sorry for her, I wonder what someone must be going through to send complete strangers posts like this? I bet the Goddess will save ME :). Geez…

The day went downhill from there. To top it off, I had to go to Walgreens at 8pm on a Friday night to get some headache pills. Talk about ghetto. I did not realize Walgreens is the place to go on a Friday night to “hang” now. So I park my 4Runner far away from anyone, in a well lit spot. When I come out, there is a huge truck parked about 4 inches from my door. Lucky I am skinnyish…but not skinny enough. My door touched theirs. Touched, not banged. Because I put it there, since I could not get into my friggin’ truck. So this giant woman with a cut offs and a flannel shirt, balancing a cigarette in her mouth, comes from behind and almost bangs my door shut. I can feel a knot in my stomach forming but decide to be the classier one and just leave. Fat ass. So I look, slowly pull out, and her and her ghetto offspring start to yell. You see, as I am pulling out, the other ghetto offspring lets her little boy run right behind my car. He is hardly taller than my wheel. Dumb ass. I roll down my window and say “Maybe you should hold his hand when a car is pulling out?” No worries, I did not hit him, I would be devastated if I did! Ghetto offspring #1 starts giving me lip. She looks about 14. I could snap her in half. I have to make a split decision. Pull the brakes, get out of my car, or let it be? Big mama was scary, she could have snapped me in half :), I am the peaceful kind. I decide to wave her off, smile, and say “Get over yourself.” and slowly leave. I am sure Fat Ass wanted to follow me, but she and her brood couldn’t get in the car fast enough.

A highlight: Gas for $1.89!!!!!!!

Thank the Goddess for wine and a blog to end this day :).

What I am grateful for: My new soul sister that I just met, and the ones that keep me afloat….:).

What I am manifesting: Patience

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