I always wonder what other people put down in an interview or job application when it says: “Tell Me a Little About Yourself”, “What do other people like most about you?”, or best yet, “What’s Your Biggest Weakness?”.

Just for fun, and because I don’t think I will apply for a job again, I will answer them.

“Tell Me a Little About Yourself”

I am a mother, and a wife, and that takes 23 hours of my day, during which I plan and execute menus, schedules, and driving routes. I also balance a budget, and shove pennies back and forth until the budget balances for the day. I am solely responsible for the ordering and shelving of produce. I have initiated and executed the thriving and almost self sufficient organic garden by designing a watering system that actually waters the plants. I am experienced in both phone sales and person to person contact, which is perfect for dealing with clients as well as annoying telemarketers. I LOVE to talk, for real, and have no problem talking to strangers. I love to gather people….and one day will own a goat farm.

The remaining one hour is “me” time, where I can express my artistic urges in script and in clay. In this time, I am also deepening my knowledge of herbalism and folk lore, as well as unsuccessfully training an overgrown and overstimulated Sheperd to behave.

My biggest asset? I am imperfect, and embrace this completely.

“What do other people like most about you?”
What the hell do I know??

“What’s Your Biggest Weakness?”
What kind of a question is that?What am I supposed to say? That I sneak cigarettes and yell at my dog? That I watch movies on the computer when I should be working on a marketing plan? That I cannot balance a check book? That I like to spend even though I have NO MONEY?? Or maybe that I like to eat noodles covered with butter and sugar, even though I would not allow my kids to eat this?? My big mouth and strong opinions?? No wait……

“Do you have any other questions for me?”

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