Today, for the first time in my life, I was stuck with acupuncture needles.

I don’t know why this freaked me out so much before. Maybe when I see people with needles sticking out of their face?

I only had needles in my left hand, and it temporarily made the 9 scale (I was asked to rate the pain from 1-10) pain in my right foot disappear. When he put that second needle in my hand and twisted it around until I said “YES, that is the point when it hurts”, the pain was gone. I waited for a moment, thinking it might be the shock of having someone digging around my hand with a needle, but no, it was gone. I had 8 needles in my hand, and could feel the sensation both in my arm, and in my foot.

It was pretty amazing.

Now, the pain is back, but hopefully with a consistant treatment it will go and stay away. If not, I may have to run off with an acupuncturist……


What I am reading: Still Dragonfly in Amber, by D. Gabaldon. “Home Altars”, by Denise Linn, and I am still listening to “Change your thoughts, Change your Life”, by Dr. Dyer.

What I am grateful for: Alternative medicine that helps sensitive little bodies like mine.

What I am manifesting: SALES!

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