Since my refrigerator is clean, WHY is my kitchen still making me sad??

Because there are 32 Mason jars on the floor under my table, which is covered with canning supplies, kitchen gadgets, and misc. children’s objects, as well as a microwave that only powers a “BURN POPCORN” setting (popcorn is all that we use it for, and an occasional melting of beeswax.). It is also so small that the beautiful 1950’s stainless steel countertop is constantly HIDDEN.

I love my kitchen. It is grape purple, and I have these funky, 1950’s metal kitchen cabinets that I painted red 12 years ago. It is time for a redo.

Today will be dedicated to my kitchen, and my Oma. My Oma’s stainless steel sink looked brand spanking new after 30 years, I should know how to do it. How wonderful is it to come into a clean kitchen in the morning to make coffee? Certainly, it has to be better than scratching food off of plates to make enough room in the sink to fill up your coffee caraffe!

Maybe if I send my good will out to the Universe, it will send me this back?

Is that not the coolest? They have vintage style dishwashers too! I don’t even have a dishwasher, but I would certainly make a big hole for a Beach Blue one!

P.S. I know that getting a notice from me every day this month can be tedious for some, LOL. You are not used to this consistancy in blogging from me :)….remember, I am on a personal journey, a challenge to conquer my flakiness. So, instead of leaving me completely, you could just turn your subscription to digest, and come back in July when I will surely be flaky in posting again.

Much love,

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