Well, another double duty day!

Today, I am tackling what I call the vault. This space seems to either hold, or gobble up all important papers or receipts in this house.

It is a catch-all, this picture is from a mild day, and unfortunately, it is in my bedroom. Now that I have cleared off the dresser, the “everyday crap” that comes from the rest of the house and from my husband’s pockets, lands here. Under, over, behind that are important bills, checks, receipts, and other miscellaneous data that should be saved. I have already sorted these piles about 6 times, I just have not filed them, and then new things seem attracted to them AND THEY MAKE BABIES…I swear!

So, I am putting on some 80’s music, Little Man is playing detective with Nancy Drew on the other computer, and I am off…..

What I am reading: Dragonfly in Amber (does not seem to read as intense as number one of the series)
What I am grateful for: Time
What I am manifesting: SALES!

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