I am all about reusing, and getting things CHEAP. :)…not that I am stingy, but our budget is very tiny. The lovely thing of a tiny budget is that when we do get rich, we will live well in our means and never end up in squalor. Plus, treasure hunting gives me a natural high, I do that instead of running…..or other things.

So, to day 3 of my Blasting the SpiritZappers:

Here you go:

This is not really the SpiritZapper. I found this dresser at the thrift store the other day, when I found my other treasures. It is a bit in need of some beautification…but it is wood and it is sturdy. Today I am going to buy paint. It will be replacing the real SpiritZapper:

Oh, how I hate this thing. I love it once. Bought it at IKEA and painted it. I loved the big, deep drawers. Its’ cheapness has caught up with it. The dresser is so warped, and even with numerous nails and boards, it keeps losing the drawers, or they get stuck, as they are now. You pull out the drawer to get a pair of underwear, and the whole damn dresser comes at you! It is a pain in my ass. I hope to have it out of here by tomorrow, depends on how fast the paint on the other dresser dries…..

What I am reading: Nothing.
What I am grateful for: My friends….more on that later.
What I am manifesting: Consistancy to finish the 30 days of Blasting.

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