Contrary to what many who know me now may think, I did not grow up with a hippie mom, or a Strega Nona :)….my Oma did not whisper spells in my ear, or fly around the moon with her broom. Neither did my Mama :)…I did grow up with two practical women who knew how to harness what Gaia gave them to take care of us. I was also taught to trust my “gut”, and knew that the there was an invisible string tying us together. We always knew when something was wrong…and still do, to this day. And, we are all moonstruck.

As a teenager, I became interested in Tarot. I still have the first Tarot card book my Mama gave me :). But Tarot was not on my path, it was curiosity. My first realization of the Spirits came with Grandma Boehnke, the day she looked out the window to show me the cemetery across the street. She knew she was going to die.

My car accident was my passage. My first conversations were with my Opa, he helped me through many nights in the ICU. I also learned that my dead were not gone for me forever.

The older I get, the closer they can come. My draw to herbs and their healing energy came shortly after my daughter was born, that was my second passage. I was never supposed to birth a child…yet I had two. My son brought me the words that accompany people when they have ailments I am supposed to see :).

If you believe in Spirits, you will know when they are with you. I just spent 2 hours in the kitchen with one of mine, clearly feeling the love :). Someone once asked me if they speak German or English, lol, and I don’t know. We just talk…and then they go. I feel blessed to have them by my side.

As I write this, I am sending them my love and going to finish cleaning my kitchen. I grew up in “kitchens”. My Spirits loved and lived in their kitchens, and I am sure that is why they join me there so often.


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