Lots of healing….We are almost waiting for the herbs to jump up and start singing!

Finished product :)…getting ready to pass out to friends.

Kitchen scene. You would think I am a little “Martha” :)….Too good not to share.

As I am getting rid of things we don’t need, I am beginning to find my Spirit that was smashed beneath some stuff under some pile :). I have spent the last two days mixing teas and making Elderberry Syrup. My house smells divine, though a bit like a distillery :). I am also finding that my youngest child has a knack for the herbs (the nose knows!) like me, whereas my oldest is in charge of the “descriptions and marketing” of new Goddesses :). We have decided it is time that our ranch finds us, so we can live off the land with our animals….. as long as there is an internet connection……..

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