In the last few days I have had the opportunity to meet up with old friends who I used to see on a regular basis.

Friend Nr. 1: We live 5 minutes from each other. We used to meet once every two weeks and escape to the bookstore for coffee and some laughing. Her new baby will be 1 year in Feb, and we figured out that we have seen each other twice since she is born :(…once was at a soccer field when I was walking the dog and she brought me rhubarb. So, it really doesn’t count as our time.

Friend Nr. 2: We live further apart, 20 minutes or so. We have not seen each other for over 1.5 years. Last night, we realized how much we really have in common, and why we became instant friends when we met. Our boys, only 5 days difference in age, are like soul brothers.

It made me realize that my “busy” life, which 80% of is not life enhancing, is taking over the things that make me happy. How does this happen? Very slow and steady. I end up doing alot of things that I dread to the minute I have to do them (are you nodding your head??), and get so worn out that I no longer make time for the things I love. One of them being seeing my friends that make me laugh, discuss, reflect.

Well, I am sure lucky that I am realizing this before I have lost my mind and my spirit.

Simplicity Opportunity # 3 : Ditch the “busy” stuff that is not ABSOLUTELY necessary, and pen my friends into my calendar at least once a month.

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