I know you are just dying to know what we do on weekends, here is a little sample of my Saturday :). It seems there is always something happening on Saturdays….

Today, we got up at the crack of down, fired up our GPS, and drove to a Sheepherding aptitude test. Our GSD is a “herding” dog, after all. Or rather, German Sheperds are herding dogs, but not mine LOL. Now we have the certificate to prove it!

Herding 101. What makes a good herder, and why some dogs aren’t. Finding out now that each of these 28 dogs will go in one at time, herd, be evaluated, etc. I am glad I brought food….

“Mommy, there are 28 dogs here just dying to play with ME! Please? Please?”

Yeah!! We are number 19, we are next!!

Rex is almost as big as the sheep. He chases them a bit, nibbles one in the butt, runs a bit more, but definitely does not have the prey/hunter instinct a good sheep dog needs/wants. He thought he was playing, LOL.

So, now we know that when we get our ranch, we will have to get a real sheepdog. Thank goodness, since Rex already has a job….Head Guard Dog.

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