Today I had an hour to myself, and not far from where I dropped off my kids is my favorite thrift store.

“Oh, I will go and browse the books”…..

If you recall, last week, in a panic to rid my house of unneeded items, I carted off two carloads full of “stuff”. I have no idea what made me go to the thrift store today, as I AM WEAK.

My name is Heike, and I am a thriftoholic.

Even I must admit, though thrifty, I am still spending quite a bit of my grocery money on treasures at the thrift store.

Today was a different day. As always, I found at least 3 fabulous clothes items that someone must have donated just for me. A bohemian linen blouse, a tattered cotton skirt in my favorite green with a cotton slip sewn in, super soft green chinos that were brand new….all three fit perfectly. As I am primping and smiling at myself in the mirror as I do when I snatch….a thought blared at me.

“I have what I need.”

Well that sucks. Now how am I supposed to enjoy my treasure?

I put them on the GO BACK rack, bought 3 books and the hand knit cardigan with little flowers for my little Goddess, and left. In the car, I became much happier that I did not purchase yet another fabulous blouse or skirt. Quite frankly, I think I will rework some of the stuff I have. I look pretty dorky in normal chinos anyways.

With everything being tight, every dollar counts. I am becoming even more aware that we have everything we need to live a happy life. Hell, even if you took half of everything away, we would still have plenty. Plus, I would not have so much laundry to fold……..

Bliss is in the ones we love, and life’s simple pleasures.

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