In Germany, there are so many traditions around spring time!

In Frankfurt, you would know spring is coming when the market stands began selling “Gruene Sosse”, packets of herb that you used to make a traditional food for Green Thursday, the Thursday before Easter. Of course, you can eat this any time you want, the Green Thursday has a reason :).

As the lore goes, the farmers, poor and famished, would always have potatoes that they grew themselves, and their chickens, who also fed themselves, would lay eggs. As the spring rains fell over the land, herbs and weeds grew abundantly. The farmers picked the herbs and weeds, and turned it into a green sauce, which they served over potatoes and boiled eggs. The green sauce was said to have magical qualities, helping the farmers ward of sickness (now we know they were packing the vitamins!), and so it was eaten every year on Green Thursday to keep them healthy all year!

Gruene Sosse

7 green herbs, including parsely, sorrel, dandelions, cress, borage, dill, chives (I had borage & sorrel in my garden, bought the others. Also added Miner’s lettuce, as I happened to find a patch on my walk today :)….in the spirit of the dish).

Chop fine in food processor or mixer. Or go the ‘old way” and hand chop very fine….

Add just enough sour cream to make a thick sauce.

Add salt n’ pepper to taste.

Serve over boiled potatoes (new ones are best) and boiled eggs that have been halved.

Voila! 🙂

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