The beautiful moon is waninng, and this is the time to RELEASE.

Release stuff! Think of the 80/20 rule…..we use 20% of what we own, and the other 80% is just cluttering up our lives.

One of my big projects is all my books. I buy books all the time. I leave the thrift store with 5-10 books on a regular basis.

Where do I put all these books, you ask?

Good question.

In piles. All over my house. I am starting to look like a crazy hermit book lady.

The day I started sorting books, was the same day that I got home and my next door neighbor met me with a stack of books. “Wait, I have more!” she says. She returns with a box filled with books.

25 wonderful, some classic, some fabulously obscure, herbal books. Even a little wildflower pocket guide for hiking!


I love them already. She has inspired me to be more selective with the books I keep, so I am sorting, FOR REAL, and will list the books I have for others to enjoy.

So, my Journey task for this waning moon is my books, and my junk pile, er, desk in my room with all my bills hidden in between the other pharaphanelia that ends up there.

I am sharing a photo of the shelf in my living room…this is nothing, will not post the others.

Send me a pic of your Journey task and I will post it! heikesharp (at)

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