I am a lucky girl.

A few weeks ago I was on day trip with MY WOMEN to Berkeley (the coolest town…made we wish I was 21 again for about an hour), one of stops was the “Half off” bookshop. Straight for the clearance sign I went. Guess what dropped into my hand? The sequel to one of my most favorite stories, “Chocolat”.


I didn’t even know there was a sequel! “Girl with No Shadow”. I also discovered that Joanne Harris wrote a bunch of other books just for Heike.

Can I admit that I made up for the many books I gave away?

A few minutes ago, I wrote on my FB: “Jazz, glass of wine, a good book”. I got all snuggled, ready to turn off the puter, and what do I see? My friend Denyse posted the winner for her book “Without Alice”. Zipped right over.

Me! Me! Me!

No shame here….I won it :).


Do yourself a favor and check out her blog and book. I got to read excerpts as Denyse was putting it together. She is a fabulous writer, and her story will keep you turning the pages….

Now for that glass of wine :)……..

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