If you followed the last month or so, you know I was posting excerpts from my Gratitude Journal. I did not post every day, as some posts were just to personal to share…nor did I share my whole note :).

It was interesting to me, as every day when I thought about “What am I grateful for?”, I basically came up with the same things.

My kids, my husband, my dog, my house, my garden, my art, my friends…….I had to dig deep to get past them.

What I do realize now is that I have more in my life than I could ever need. We recently had a big storm, and I realized how lucky I was to be in my cozy house as the wind whipped against it. My kids are awesome, even if they rub my last nerve sometimes…ditto for the husband.

I am going to contemplate on these 30 days more; I am grateful.

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