It seems that my “space” to write and share is getting very sparse.

I wish I could come back here sporadically, and report that I was in intense training for the last few months and just completed a major marathon….or that I decided to live by myself in a magical enchanted forest for four weeks to find my true authentic self…or that I won millions and had to go off the grid to protect myself.

But alas, I am just overwhelmed with every day life. It just zaps the life energy right out of me.

I don’t know how some women function under constant “Go! Go! Go!”.


My house is a mess, my backyard is aching for some love, so is my husband, and my dog….my homeschooled kids are luckily super bright, otherwise I am sure they would be behind because you can only really take counting “Mythbusters” as Science so far..Thank Goddess for our math tutor..everyone who is in an organization we belong to is getting on my frickin’ nerves because they compensate their boring little lives by ‘volunteering’ to parent me and my kids, I keep forgetting to pay bills and by the time the double bills come I have spent the extra money at the thrift store ( :)…a highlight, love my thrift stores), I google the world at night when I should be sleeping, and remember how cosmopolitan I was many, MANY moons ago, I wanna be a millionaire so frickin’ bad, I want a camera to shoot documentaries but the one I need is about $500 more than I have…and that is the cheap one, I did a 14 day juice cleanse and my body does not remember, I miss my family, I want to travel like a gypsy and see the weird sites of the U.S, but my husband only gets two weeks vacation and wants to go to Alabama…..

There is more, but I will stop for a moment.

I am at a point where I know change is coming, but I need to prepare. I can’t prepare, because mundane stuff you just read is just dragging me by my ankles.

I just read the blog of a beautiful friend, and her journey inspires me.

I NEED to find that magical enchanted forest and hide there for a few days. Because it is magic, all my other responsibilities will be taken care of by the Forest Fairy while I am gone.

I am ready to either tear the head off of people who are making my life more complicated, or make them stew in the fear of my calmness….hmm..

Unfortunately, the Law of Attraction, which is attracting me, is SCREAMING in my brain: “Remember your vibration, Heike!!”

Every blue moon, my body will carry a sign for me. A paw print, a weird pain….today, I looked at my leg, and there was a scrunchy mark (from leaning on it like The Thinker while I pondered my life???) that looked like a Goddess. I tried to trace it with marker before it left..

I am sure it came to tell me to pull myself together and act like a Goddess.

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