My constant journey of decluttering is quite epic. In my past lives, I was probably without “stuff”, so I am hoarding it now. Denise Linn, one of my favorite author’s, explains in her book Past Lives, Present Dreams
how you can break present recurring journeys by going into your past life. Hard for me to explain, but it is something I am going to do now, as my “issues” seem unbreakable.

A few weeks ago I joined the “Create your Goddess Haven E-course” :). I am on Week 3. I have a circle of Goddesses who are space clearing with me, and I have someone to answer too. I enjoy seeing the pictures of other Goddesses, and reading the posts of the trials & tribulations, and the satisfaction of getting a job done. Alongside that, there are beautiful worksheets, meditations, and Abundance tips. No, it is not free, which is exactly why I waited so long to do it. But now I must say, it is well worth the money! I actually joined the Goddess Circle, which lets me access ALL the e-courses, forums, etc, as well as enabling me to connect with “sisters” from all around the world. $99 for the year is quite a deal, and quite a fabulous energy. I am also noticing that my life issues correlate with clutter issues if identifying Feng Shui challenges. Money, Reputation, Career…Health.

Sofar, I have cleared, my dining room “stock piles”, made my bathroom into a spa :), and this weekend I cleaned out my linen closet so we have 2 sets of sheets for each bed instead of zillions…I am in the process of making my bedroom a haven, especially after I read “Where you sleep reflects who you are.”. EEEK…that is all that came to mind when I read that.

As I am clearing, I am finding things to give away. If you are not already there, LIKE my facebook page MyGypsyMarket, I will be listing “giveable” things as clear. I am sure when I get to my studio/play/retreat room, there will be lots of books.

Why am I giving you all these links? Because I always share things THAT I LOVE and that I see as valuable assets in my life, and because I am FINALLY getting a handle on this cluttered house. I have some major changes planned in my life to fulfill my future goals, and to do this, I need a serene & happy house.

Enjoy, and let me know if you decide to join Circle…find me there, Lovelies.

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