Doing ANYTHING at all that you have to think about for 30 days is challenging. Let’s be honest.

When my fantastic friend Julie emailed me her 30 day challenge, I was intrigued. I would not never copy her challenge, because I am authentic enough to admit that I would fall off THAT wagon on Day 3.  I have learned my limits.

I am inspired to start a challenge of my own. It is simple, doable, YOU CAN JOIN ME, and it will make a big impact in the end.

My clear theme this year has been been RIDDANCE. I feel very “weighed down”, making it hard to exert positive changes and start new adventures. I have some great ideas of things I want to do and share, but get overwhelmed by the everyday shit, both literal and physical, in my life. I also need to loose a good 5-10 for health reasons. I think it is all a magic cycle: You accumulate stuff, clutter, negative thoughts, problems, weight, more stuff.

Short and sweet.

Every day, for 30 days,  I will GET RID of something that does not make me happy. This can be

School is over……

anything at all, or many things. There are no rules.

When I have found my GET RID object, I will post it on Instagram (find me under Goddess in the Groove) with the hashtag #Heikes30Day. If you want that item, you can come get it :). Or I can ship it. Otherwise, I it will go into the “Touch and DIE!!!” box, and I will make a donation run every 2 days. Or maybe I will put it in the driveway with a FREE sign. I will work that as I go. Suggestions are welcome.

Fridays will be my catch up days, I will post my thoughts and a camera roll. Let us start today, June 2, and go to July 2.

Let’s see what happens. This could be BIG! If you join me, let me know and use #Heikes30Day so I can enjoy your shit RIDDANCE too :).

Much love,