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Monthly Archives: October 2015

It’s been real

On Thursday morning, my dog, my spirit animal, died in my arms.

I have spent the last 48 hours grieving, I am heartbroken. I am angry.

His death was sudden, and we are still trying to figure out what happened. We believe it may have been a reaction to a vaccine. As I do more research, I will post. For today, if I can get one thing out there, PLEASE be as diligent about vaccines for your pets as you are with your children. Research, and only let them administer one at a time.

Rex was my companion, and he came to teach me a lesson. Patience.

My daughter wrote a beautiful piece about how he came into our lives. 
We were actually just going to “look” at the dogs. When we walked up to the junky yard, he came straight up to us. I picked him up, my husband paid $20 for him, and we drove home with him in my lap. No plan. When we got home, my then 16 year old dog Caesar looked at us like were crazy.

So the adventure began. We had ourselves a puppy covered in fleas, unsocialized, and already showing neurotic behavior. He whined & bit us. My older dog wanted nothing to do with him. I started reading books by Ceasar Milan, and the Monks of New Skete. We bought him a crate, and I wondered why “crate training” was not in my life before.

He grew right before my eyes, and slowly began to trust us. We were told he was aggressive, neurotic, etc…….We already claimed him, and there was no going back.

I had to learn how to be an Alpha Dog. I had to learn patience.

For 9 years, I had the most fantastic dog. He was a big bear, loving & sweet. Protective. Gorgeous. People would stop us all the time, little children were fascinated by his size & fluffy fur.

He was my spirit animal. 
I will miss him dearly.
We love you, Rex

A new ADULT in the house!

Today my “baby” turns 18.

She is “officially” an adult :). What does that mean? Not sure, but it does mean she can now VOTE instead of just collecting the “I VOTED” stickers! In my family, becoming an adult does not give you much transitioning klout, we “kids” are all in our 40’s & 50’s, and all still listen to our parents!

Even though she will always be my baby, today is the day we will celebrate her new title: ADULT. She is in Europe right now, traveling with her Oma (haha!! she already appreciates me so much more. You thought I was strict??), so this day is bitter sweet. It is the first time she is not with us on her birthday, and it is a bit weird.

So I will reflect and celebrate her from afar.

I made a pretty cool human. I remember vividly when they plopped her on my belly, and she stared RIGHT into my eyes. Talk about an instinct awakening in my soul. At that moment I knew I would protect this little creature with my life. That was about the only thing I knew about parenthood, and the rest of her childhood went on with trial & error.

Instead of nursery rhymes I read her the Greek Myths :). One day she looked at me and said: “I am Athena”.  From then on, she was Justina Athena, and to this day I think the right Goddess chose her.

one of my favorite pictures, take

She has always been head strong & confident. She was raised by, and around very strong women, and that shows in everythng she does. When she wants something, she makes it happened. She is the poster child of the Law of Attraction. Taking her out of school in 4th grade & homeschooling was the perfect path, and it opened up so many opportunities for her. 

I admit, I made some questionable parenting choices at times, but look what happened! She has turned out to be an exceptional human, and I could not be more proud. She is hilarious & intelligent, loves to talk, and adventurous.

 Plus, she doesn’t take any shit.

What else could a Mama want??