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I am ever evolving. As I get older, I become who I was meant to be, but it means that I must open my eyes, my ears, and my heart so that I can embrace what I need to evolve.

My website, www.goddessinthegroove.com, chronicles this journey :). The website, and this blog, are my window to the world, and the community of other women. I feel the need to “circle” with other women, and this need gets stronger as I evolve. Women are becoming so detached from each other, it is time we come together again and bond.

I am finding my Tribe.

I honor women and Goddess by making Goddess Pendants. They find their wearer and bring women back to their roots. They are beautiful, big, busty, and bold :). They give strength, and always “have your back”. I also make my Kitchen Witches. They will bring laughter, love, and good luck to your home, or the kitchen of a friend.

I live in suburbia. I am trying to grow food, live chemical free, and chronicle my experiments of getting back to the roots at http://www.herbmagik.blogspot.com.

This is who I am. Welcome.