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Authentic Living

No flu shot for me!

It is that time of year when the “FLU SHOTS HERE!!!” signs greet you everywhere.

We have not gotten flu shots in years. Honestly, there is not no need to debate with me, I come from a country where you only give those compromised a preventative flu shot, not the entire population.

I do, however, prepare myself and my family for the season of flying flu germs.

My biggest ally is Elderberry syrup. It is so simple to make, makes the house smell divine,

Fresh ginger trick
It is easy to peel fresh ginger! Just rub the skin with the back of a spoon

and you can use it as syrup on your ice-cream or pancakes too!


I order my dry ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs, and am sharing their simple recipe with you straight from their website. 

You can get creative and add things. I always add cloves to mine. I tried garlic, but that ended up overtaking the syrup and tasted pretty bad.

Classic Elderberry Syrup

4 cups cold water

2 cups organic dried Elderberries

1 organic cinnamon stick

1 tsp fresh grated organic ginger root or organic dried ginger root

raw local honey (or organic agave syrup for a vegan recipe)


Smash those berries!!
Smashing the berries before you strain releases lots of healthy goodness!

To make the syrup, combine the berries and herbs with cold water in a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and allow herbs to simmer for 30 to 40 minutes. Remove from heat and mash the berries in the liquid mixture. Strain the berries and herbs through cheesecloth and squeeze out the juice. Measure the liquid and add an equal amount of honey. Gently heat the honey and juice for a few minutes until well combined. Do not boil! Bottle in sterilized glass.



Enjoy and happy brewing!!


Week #2 of a 30 Day Challenge. What was I thinking?

So, I am in the second week of a 30 Day Goddess Challenge. If you want to read the inspiration behind it, and how I am celebrating the Finale, you can do so here.

A Goddess is born

What I have discovered so far:
1. Artist block translates to artist confusion when you put yourself under a time limit.
2. Rome was not built in a day, and making a Goddess in one day is virtually impossible.
3. I love making Goddesses.
4. I have no control over what comes out in the end :).
5. Thankfully, I have children with good eyes & steady hands that like to sit and chat while they bead for me :).

It is an interesting process. Today, I am officially behind, as I had a last minute redo as paint was

First stage

drying. I also don’t have the “right” beads in my stash of a trillion beads. The Goddesses do not comply to my time constraint, or my existing inventory. I literally had to go buy paint & beads the other day at 8:55pm so that I could continue. Plus, we are waiting for Full Moon.


I am finding myself veering away from my “usual”. I am exploring new avenues, and am though I am uncertain at times, the end product is fabulous. Trust. Also, I am finding that each finished Goddess has a mission. I almost put the mission in the description, but then I will steer her into a “box”, and maybe a away from the destined woman who needs her for a different purpose.

Who knew?

You can find the 30 Day Challenge Goddesses on my Etsy store, just enter “30daychallenge” in the search box when you are there.

Uniting my World :)

Thank you for joining me on The Goddess in the Groove! In the past, I have given away a copy of my book each month on my blog. Now that I am “reassigning”(see note below) the purpose of my blog, I will merge my blog friends & my Facebook friends and pull a winner tonight :). I appreciate you…..♥ , have a fabulous day!

**********Dear Bloggy Friends…..I love having you in my life :). As you may have noticed, I have severely neglected my sweet blog. My life is bountiful, yet still a bit chaotic. I am in the midst of re-circling, and finally finding a path to my purpose. I have installed a Facebook page for random thoughts and wonderful things I find on the web. I have started a new blog at HerbMagik, where I chronicle my experiments with everything from making lotion & shampoos, to fermenting, to herb drying, to tea making….you get the picture :).

The Goddess’s Daily Groove will be dedicated to a journey, an interactive one. I hope you will join me, as journeys are much better in the company of friends.

I am removing any third party ads, and any “button” you will find will be directly connected to me, or a company that I affiliate with, thus having my personal seal of love :).

I will continue to give away copies of my book when the urge hits, as well as coupons for my Etsy store, or maybe even a sweet Kitchen Witch…but will merge this gifting with my FB friends to spread the love.

Much love,

Authentic living

Though my posts may seem sparse these days, it is not for the lack of SUBSTANCE in my life. Actually, the past days/weeks have been filled with things that make me ponder, and keep me away from the computer.

My garden is one. I nurtured, and even put in a watering system, but when I went to my sweet friend’s house last week, I just about died with envy when I saw her tomatoes. My tomatoes are just not happy, two of my plants keep dropping their Blossoms. I don’t do chemicals (my friend doesn’t either), and have tried to plump the earth…Well, now I have gone and bought some calcium in a bottle for an outrageous $7, and I am out there spraying EACH blossom in the hopes of coaxing a tomotoe to sprout. One of the scrawny plants is my Striped German, of all the nerve. Yet, some of my garden is blossoming, and parts are looking a bit like the Secret Garden….Benjamin planted beans everywhere, and they are trailing all over the place, creating some funky formations. I will post some pics at Green Sub Mama. The cuke is one that Benjamin tied off while it was growing, I found it like this :)….

My dog. Goddess bless him, poor buggar has something going on with his ear. First, I found what looked like a huge, full tick. I did not know it was a tick, to me it looked like a bloody Lima bean. It was laying on the floor, like an alien. We had no idea where it came from, only that it had blood in it. Ew… Later that night, we Googled dog ticks, and there was our friend. Looks like he must of been hanging on somewhere for some days, because he was quite “full”. We don’t know if it was in his ear, but now we have been digging and cleansing his one standing ear for 3 days, and he has had enough. I am getting a full body work out, as it seems that I am the only one who can administer ear stuff. Tonight, I squirted in Olive Oil, just incase it is ear mites. Another Ew. But I am sure as hell not going to pay $40 for the Vet (the one who always looks down his nose at me because my dog does not let him dig or squirt stuff in his ear voluntarily) to clean an ear. Since we are all downsizing, I even tried the mobile clinic at the Feed Store for vacs, and it was just fine…saved me $10+ a shot. Now my poor Rex crawled in his kennel in the hopes that I will not follow him in with my ear pharaphanelia….

We are gearing up for our homeschooling conference, which heads up our “not back to school” year:). It is a 4 day event, and we are all looking forward to it. After that, we start our schooly fieldtrips :)…our computer games, our science experiments. My kids do math and language arts every day, as well as history. This year we are studying Medieval times, and we are so stoked. We LOVE history.

I am spending much time thinking about how much more simple my life could be. I am also looking at ways to trade my talents for things we need. I am even thinking about setting up a big ol’ mirror, and cutting/dying hair. Not only because I love it, but because I feel a need to use my talents more. More on that in another post.

I am reading more, and not just “shop” stuff, school stuff, and how to manuals. Leisure reading; I am especially entranced by “Drums in Autumn” by D. Gibraldon, and am up till the wee hours in the morning reading. They are making me think more about simple living. I fully realize this is a novel, but still, their lives take on this weird twists, and they always make things work. Fascinating.

My Mama is coming in a few weeks, and we are planning a ROAD TRIP!! One with funny, kitschy stops, driving through trees, museums, dinasours, and lots of wild coast….I can’t wait!