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The end of a Challenge, and the Goddesses it created

I just posted the last of the 30 28 Day Goddess Challenge Goddesses :).

It was interesting. First of all, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking to do this in May. May is the craziest month of my life. Maybe that was part of the challenge?

My thought was to make a Goddess a day. Well, I ended up with 19. It is just not physically possible to make a Goddess a day, they are all hand made from scratch, paint has to dry, heads need to butt. Quite frankly, making Goddesses sometimes means that a pink Goddess ends up being silver with a wolf on it. They have a mind of their own. Then we had to wait for full moon :).

The idea was to see what happens when there is “pressure to perform”. In performing, I mean to make myself sit with the goddess until something happens. This was a challenge for me. I am impatient, my life is crazy, I get distracted. This meant I had to sit, and tell my kids, dog, husband, phone, computer, and mother that I was “busy” until I was done painting. It meant I had to go outside and take pictures BEFORE I chauffeured anyone or did laundry.  It meant putting my Goddesses first, my art, and the rest of my life second.


It also gave me time to remember why I started this in the first place. Why I make bold, strong Goddesses for women to wear. Because they are magic, and the stories that come back to me are uplifting, heart-breaking, and fantastic at the same time. Wearing a Goddess is a message to the world, and I am the one who brings the Goddesses to the women. It is an honor. 

The really neat thing is the I LOVE each  one of the challenge Goddesses! They are quite different. One has to stay with me, she is my “chosen one” :). It happens. We bonded.

I can’t wait to see where they go.
Much love,

Week #2 of a 30 Day Challenge. What was I thinking?

So, I am in the second week of a 30 Day Goddess Challenge. If you want to read the inspiration behind it, and how I am celebrating the Finale, you can do so here.

A Goddess is born

What I have discovered so far:
1. Artist block translates to artist confusion when you put yourself under a time limit.
2. Rome was not built in a day, and making a Goddess in one day is virtually impossible.
3. I love making Goddesses.
4. I have no control over what comes out in the end :).
5. Thankfully, I have children with good eyes & steady hands that like to sit and chat while they bead for me :).

It is an interesting process. Today, I am officially behind, as I had a last minute redo as paint was

First stage

drying. I also don’t have the “right” beads in my stash of a trillion beads. The Goddesses do not comply to my time constraint, or my existing inventory. I literally had to go buy paint & beads the other day at 8:55pm so that I could continue. Plus, we are waiting for Full Moon.


I am finding myself veering away from my “usual”. I am exploring new avenues, and am though I am uncertain at times, the end product is fabulous. Trust. Also, I am finding that each finished Goddess has a mission. I almost put the mission in the description, but then I will steer her into a “box”, and maybe a away from the destined woman who needs her for a different purpose.

Who knew?

You can find the 30 Day Challenge Goddesses on my Etsy store, just enter “30daychallenge” in the search box when you are there.

30 Goddesses in 30 days – Crazy Daisy

Frida III – 30 day challenge

A few weeks ago, I visited the gallery showing of my friend, Stephanie Lorelei Longoria. Her paintings are absolutely stunning, you should go look! We talked about the different paintings, and she told me that one of her class assignments was to produce a ridiculous (I believe it was 100??) pieces in a 30 day period. Whoa!! As an artist, I can only imagine the pressure of that! But the more we talked about it, the more I understand why this assignment was genius! It makes you GO, get out of your box, and you never know what will come out.

So, I am taking this challenge.

Goddesses can’t be made in a day 🙂 (Rome was not built in a day either!), due the fact that each one is made from scratch and starts with a blob of polymer. Also, the layers of paint, well, they take forever.  But, over the next 30 28 days, I will post at least one Goddess a day. These Goddesses will all go on my Etsy store. I will try to get them listed the same day. “Goddess” could be a pendant, a Vitch, a drawing…..I am leaving that up to Universe. May is crazy, so around Fair time you may see 2-3 at once, and they may be listed next to a cow or goat. You can pull up the challenge Goddesses by putting “30 Day Challenge” in the search box will in the store.

I want you to share with me! Every Friday, you can share which Goddess of the week was your favorite on Facebook. Contest details will be posted every Friday. On my birthday, May 27th, I will go through the Fridays and choose one comment by “Eenie-Meenie”. That lucky person can celebrate with me and pick a Goddess of their own on my Etsy store :). So, it is really only 28 days, but that is ok. Happy Birthday to us :).

Have a fabulous week!
Much love,

The Epithany in my Cabbage

 The month of January is over. The first month of 2013. The month
where you are supposed to get off your ass and start over, a clean slate. The month
where you will file all your receipts so the tax filing in 2014 will not be as
hellacious as in 2013, 2012, 2011…….

In the past, for me, it has been THE month of pressure.
Usually, by end of January I am always just as chaotic as I was at the end of
December. As I am this year.
HELLO 2013!
I do have an excuse. Remember, I burned my foot on a heating
pad? (If you don’t, I did.) My “little” burn turns out to be a second degree
burn that I am still dealing with, and I have worn the same pair of shoes since
December 31st. It is in such a weird, strategic spot that it has
seriously hindered my life style.
I have come to the conclusion that this freak accident was a
sign. A few weeks ago, someone (one of many) asked me about my resolutions. I
said “I have decided to throw any resolutions in the wind and wing it. January
is screwed anyways”. And with that, I was free.
Free to take my goals for 2013, and start slowly. Free to
sit in the café with my tribe TODAY and talk over my marketing strategies &
business goals for the year, feeling that they are more heart centered, than pressured.
Free to tell people “I am working on it.”, and to be good with that.
Sometimes, it is good to let things lie and “ferment”,
ending up with a finished product that is much more wholesome than the fresh
When I go home,  I
went into my pantry. There were the 6 heads of cabbage that I bought weeks ago
with the ambition of making sauerkraut. They have been moved  several 
times, rolled behind the laundry, screamed for attention. Yet, I ignored
them. But today, the day I was actually going to cut them up for the chickens
and the compost, they surprised me with this:
All cabbages have little sprouts of what looks like cabbage
babies! I have never seen this before. I see this as a sign of the Universe.
“Heike, it is wonderful that you have let these lie, they
are now creating new life, doubling & tripling themselves!”
I am sticking to it. Putting them in the garden to see what
happens. The same goes for my goals for 2013. I started today to putting what
is in my heart & brain on paper so it can expand into the world.
Better  to do IT late
than not at all. The Universe says so!
P.S.  I have said it
before, and will say it again. If you need a fabulous  visual, a guide to put your thoughts on paper,
a brain extractor that takes those wild & crazy dreams and puts them in
words, check out the 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Calendar & Workbook.  Yes, it is ok start in February J.
Much love,

Calling all Muses, or in my case, Goddesses.

For Heike the Artist, the “block” is like a high fever that won’t go away. I get restless, antsy, and clearly frustrated with the world. I feel lethargic, and inside me is that something that is just screaming to get out, yet it can’t find an “out-let”. The Block rages through, and when it is done clearing my senses, opening my mind, teaching me to be grateful for my gift…it leaves me to start over and create.

I cannot fathom living without expressing myself. This can take on the form of writing, verbal expression (yep, LOVE to talk :)…), cooking, playing with Pay Doh, painting, building Lego houses…..the list goes on. ART is not only painting or drawing, ART can take on a hundred forms. EXPRESSING what is in your soul is the happiness?

Over the last years, I have had many blocks. For me, it is always worst when my Goddesses & Witches hold back on me, not only because they support me, but because I feel as if I have lost a best friend. They are my ART. Watching a Goddesses emerge from a piece of clay, then transforming the visual she gives me into paint (Yes, they do tell me what they look like :)…I am just the messenger), is amazing. When a Goddess is complete, she exudes the energy she has chosen, and I am proud to pass that on to whomever she chooses to go to. The Witches…ah…they are another story. They are my feisty, mischievous friends, who are so good & whole deep down, they just ground me. Making Witches makes me laugh. As they emerge, their personalities just jump out…..and they crack me up and are good for my spirit. They never let me forget, though, that they have an important job. When they hold back, I miss the laughter.

So what do I do in this time of blockage??? Crawl in a cave, float on a river, let the waves of the Sea wash over me??? I wish. In reality, Heike the Artist has many other responsibilities, and they do not cooperate with my sleeper times. I keep going, with the hope that something will snap me out of it.

Am I writing this because I am in a dark space now? Yes, ma’am. WEEKS have passed, and every time I pick up my materials or brushes, something pulls me away. Yet, two days ago a friend posted that she is in Sedona, and that her Goddess is attracting attention…There was my rope. For those that know me, I have been talking about going to Sedona for YEARS! The Goddesses are now dancing in my head…I can’t form them fast enough. I also did something special for Heike the Artist, who usually has to stand back for other things in life, and enrolled in the Creative Goddess E-course. Even though this may sound like an infomercial, I will share my experience with you. This morning I listened to the meditation, and it walked me through crushing the “boulder” that is in my way on my path to happiness. My boulder = “No time for my art Spirit.”

After the meditation, I went for a walk. I kept seeing the Red Rocks of Sedona :)…even though I was here:

I have decided to schedule time in my calendar just for my art Spirit. I will close the door to my room, shove all the Legos and other things in there to the side instead of starting a clean up dash….turn up my music, and CREATE. I will leave the rest of my world to their own defenses and be assured that they will survive.

I have also printed out the map & route to Sedona to hang on my wall by my desk. Just a reminder………

Ok, then, just kiss my butt.

Not you, this darn computer!
The original post had a different title, but since it crashed (FireFox that is) 3 times and lost all the photos, AND I had to upload all AGAIN…I am done, you hear? What is a visual post without photos???

So this is the last time. It better work. I am saving it right after this sentence, so if the post seems unfinished later, it is.

Ok, now on with my real post:

Wow…it has been a week since I wrote.

Honestly, my mind is so cluttered and chaotic right now, I do not make much sense to anyone but me.

So, I will write this post in pictures, and captions, for the “visualist” in all of you :). Much love, Heike

My daughter had the wonderful idea to look for a pair of MY (25+ year old) shoes to wear with HER (11 year old) outfit. I know I have cool shoes, but where did those big feet come from?? How can it be that I am already sharing shoes???

Ahhh..the last minute creative prep. New Goddesses, Goddess Rocks (they rock!), Beer Cap Pies, and some beans, freshly harvested from the garden. How does all this come together? I don’t know, but this IS my life.

Goddess on the Rocks! Digging into my piles of rocks, I MAY be a bit of a rock hoarder…making beautiful use of them.

At the festival, with 2 hours of sleep, getting up early to take the dog to doggy day care. My cart broke, and we had to lug all this stuff in 100 degree heat. I did not have coffee yet. “SMMIIIIIIILLLLLLE” she says. Ugh. In the end, the festival was a bust. Never again, my Goddesses say..

Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 5


Day 3, 4, and 5 are coming together as a project!

Here is the new, painted dresser, and it has taken the spot of the old one:

I went from 5 very big drawers to 4 smaller ones :(. Which means I had to not only move everything around, I also had to do through stuff and eliminate. Good thing, but time-consuming.

Now to explains how day 3-5 have become a combined project, I decided to put the old dresser in my laundry room and use it as storage for my canning supplies (my million Mason Jars), and our art supplies. Since we do not have to go to it every day, it does not matter that the drawers either stick or come flying at you…

This posed a new problem, and my SpiritZapper for day 5. My laundry room (which was the reason I started all this, and you will see why.) It becomes the catch all for anything that does not have a space elsewhere in the house. I could also not walk in there to pull the old dresser out and the new one in……:

I just moved everything to one side, and am working my through.

Right now we are all resting. We went to the river and let Rex swim. It is cold today, but somehow he managed to get us all in the water. BRRRRRRR. Once I am defrosted, I will lock myself in the laundry room until I have spun all that junk into gold…..

What I am reading: Celtic Magic (cool little book I found at the thrift store the other day)
What I am grateful for: Freecycle, where the things I have no space for are finding good homes.
What I am manifesting: Sales. I want to be a fat artist…..

The Gypsy in me….in Goddess form

I have always been drawn to Gypsy lore, and fascinated by these magical nomads. Imagine how thrilled I was to take part in the EAST Team challenge: “What does the word Gypsy conjure up for you?”.

It brought this spicy Goddess to life, with the protective “eye” on her back :). Please take a moment to peruse the fabulous entries my fellow artists made,all hand-made and unique, and vote for your favorite! :). Details…

The EarthPath Artisans Street Team (EAST) is having a Gypsy Design Challenge! Team members have taken their interpretation of what the word “Gypsy” conjures up for them, and created new pieces in a variety of media.

The purpose of this challenge is not to win prizes or compete with each other; rather, it’s a way to build team camaraderie and inspire us to explore new themes and stretch our creative muscles. And for the winner, it means a little extra attention from an adoring public! Winners will be posted on the blog and on Etsy.

So stop by the EAST Challenge page on Flickr
to see pictures of the entries, and then go vote at the EAST blog
You can also see many of the entries in the members’ shops by visiting the team shop’s favorite items page.

Voting ends July 21st.
I’ll see you there!