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Some fun….

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My husband is calling me the Pioneer Woman :).

Have fun!

I have a WINNER, but…..

I cannot reach her!

So, here is a SHOUT OUT!

Jenna @ Goddessworld, email me! You are the lucky winner of this months “Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within”!

For everyone else, here is a little excerpt:

Circle of Power

When I recently went to a luncheon hosted in honor of a woman I admire strongly, I was overwhelmed by “woman power”! Peggy O’Mara, the editor/owner of Mothering Magazine, was the Queen Bee for the day, and all around her was the buzz of the “worker bees”, the awesome women who are out there just doing it!
There were about 30 women at this gathering, and when I arrived we all just mingled, chatted, ate a little, and chatted some more. Then the circle was called, and we all found a spot in a big circle of women. We started at one end, and each woman introduced herself and mentioned why she was there. Most of us were there because we love Peggy, (of course!), but it was interesting to find out how each woman arrived at this point in life, and what they were doing with their talents.
Interesting enough, for most of us the change came with the birth of our first child. I am not talking about birth itself, which we know is life altering, but “after birth”, so to speak. I am speaking of the changes, and new found passion, each woman found inside of herself after she became a mother. Each one had a very different story and project. As each women spoke, you could feel the energy rise, and I became completely emotional. By the time it was my turn, all I could say was “me too, same here, that’s’ true!” I felt so humble in this circle of power, though I knew my role there was one of importance. I am a piece of the puzzle.

(Circle of Power, Pg. 62)

You can order a signed copy directly from me here ;).

What I am grateful for: My family

What I am manifesting: Sales!

And the OCTOBER WINNER of the “musings” is…..

Congratulations, a copy of “Goddess in the Groove~Musings From the Goddess Within” on is on the way to you!

Check out Gardenplum’s fabulous blog for lots of “healing” :).

To win, all you have to do is sign up for my FEEBBLITZ announcement on the right! Presto! Winners drawn every month.

If you feature “Goddess in the Groove~Musings From the Goddess Within” on your blog, please send me an email and let me know, and I will send you a 10% off coupon for my Etsy store, or towards a book, as a HUGE THANK YOU!!!

Hoping your Halloween and Samhain were as fun as ours!
Much love,

Trick or Treating!

Loot!! Trading for high value candy :)…and taking some out for Mama..

Sorting and inventory. I am not sure where my child gets this from…must be from her great-Grandmother :).

I am BAAAAAACK…and have a WINNER!!


As you may recall (if not, just read the last post), I checked myself in for a week. That was about 2 weeks ago, and now I am BACK!! I will share more later this week, I had some pretty fabulous experiences while being recluse :).

Today, it is all about the WINNER of “Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within”!

Congratulations to belletamaam, who I am emailing right now!

If you are curious, you can check out a few sample pages of my book on Google.

This makes a great gift for any special woman in your life, and if purchase a copy together with a Goddess Pendant, I will give you a discount :). Because every woman needs her Goddess….

If you did not win today, don’t be sad. You can purchase a copy, or look forward to All Hallow’s Eve, at which time I will draw a new winner.

Much love,


I live in Germiland.

It seems that after being coughed on all night, catching flying snot with my hands, not sleeping for about 3 weeks as each member of my family went through one phase of this sickness in time-warp….


I woke up on Thursday feeling like someone had slapped me over the head with a pan. No fever, but coughing like my insides were crying to get out, and SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired. My poor kids, I don’t even want to talk about how crabby I was! Snot everywhere, and I will be damned that my dog did not get fatigued at all, even though he was stealing snotty Kleenex constantly and eating them. respect for a sick women.

The timing was the worst, as I had my “live” book signing on Sunday. I was under the influence of DayQuil, which I normally never take. I try to let sickness heal the natural way, but this called for drugs. I must say, the Ouzo my friend graced me with that evening made me feel a thousand times better and cleared my stuffy head. It was a great evening with women (who had to read the book themselves, as I was the Goddess of Cough, even with drugs) and food. my favorite.

Bless my heart, I could just cry when someone reads my book and says: “OMG, I can totally relate to this!”. I love sharing.

I will post some pictures when I get them, as every picture I took seems to be of the back of someone’s head or butt.

Birth Announcement!

I am excited to announce the official “birth” of my book!
“Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within”!

Please come join me at Javalicious Cafe’ in Sacramento, on Sunday,February 10th, from 7-10pm, as I celebrate the “birth” and future growth of my book. If you can’t join me “live”, please visit my online celebration at

You can reserve your personal copy ($12.95 plus tax), or purchase one at the book launch. Each book comes with tears & laughter :)..and some extra little goddess goodies*:
1. 10% Goddess discount on your purchase on my Etsy store!
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I hope you can join me! This book is filled with revelations, miracles, Blessingways, & much more…. You can view pages from the book by pulling up “Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within” in Google Books. Please pass this on to any Goddess that would enjoy my book!


*Contest runs from 02/06-03/05/08. Extra bonuses offered for a limited
time only.

The contractions have started!

Today I sent the final print for my book, together with the ISBN application.

The contractions have started!

This baby should be BIRTHED within the next weeks, and the first copy should be in my hot little hands!


You can sign up in that sweet little box to your right if you would like to receive a birth announcement :).

(Heike, who is celebrating while she can, drinking Chianti, and dreaming of writing her next book in Tuscany with a nanny by her side.)

Step AWAY from the computer!!

I have finally gotten past the title for my book, and am working away to make it happen. This has pros and cons.

Pros: I am reading some of my past work, and it is like reading an autobiography that is making me laugh.

Cons: I am reading some of my past work, and it is like reading an autobiography that is making me laugh.

I haven’t laughed so hard at myself in a long time. But I can switch from happy to serious in a heartbeat.

Should religion be discussed?
Or not?

I need to stay away from any distractions, so I am working on my laptop, where I am not connected to ANYTHING! No email, no IM, no Skype.

Sign up in the index to receive a notice when the infamous book is ready to hit the press. I promise, you will belly laugh :).

Manifesting my book

Yesterday, on the Mary & Heather Show on (fabulous women, BTW), I publicly announced that I would have my book self published by the time I vend at the Healing Arts Festival on October 21. Now the Universe (and I am sure Mary :)..) will hold me to it.

Today, my horoscope reads:

You are quite comfortable as mental Mercury enters your 3rd House of Communication, even if it’s too noisy to relax. But you may not want it any quieter, for there are so many exciting things to do that you don’t know where to begin. You are at the beginning of a major cycle of manifestation. Speak or write your intentions as clearly as you can — and then get started on making change happen.

I am writing it again here. By October 21st, you will be able to hold my book in your hands.