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JOURNEY:The magic of a good book….

I am a lucky girl.

A few weeks ago I was on day trip with MY WOMEN to Berkeley (the coolest town…made we wish I was 21 again for about an hour), one of stops was the “Half off” bookshop. Straight for the clearance sign I went. Guess what dropped into my hand? The sequel to one of my most favorite stories, “Chocolat”.


I didn’t even know there was a sequel! “Girl with No Shadow”. I also discovered that Joanne Harris wrote a bunch of other books just for Heike.

Can I admit that I made up for the many books I gave away?

A few minutes ago, I wrote on my FB: “Jazz, glass of wine, a good book”. I got all snuggled, ready to turn off the puter, and what do I see? My friend Denyse posted the winner for her book “Without Alice”. Zipped right over.

Me! Me! Me!

No shame here….I won it :).

Do yourself a favor and check out her blog and book. I got to read excerpts as Denyse was putting it together. She is a fabulous writer, and her story will keep you turning the pages….

Now for that glass of wine :)……..

JOURNEY: Let them go, and they will come

The beautiful moon is waninng, and this is the time to RELEASE.

Release stuff! Think of the 80/20 rule…..we use 20% of what we own, and the other 80% is just cluttering up our lives.

One of my big projects is all my books. I buy books all the time. I leave the thrift store with 5-10 books on a regular basis.

Where do I put all these books, you ask?

Good question.

In piles. All over my house. I am starting to look like a crazy hermit book lady.

The day I started sorting books, was the same day that I got home and my next door neighbor met me with a stack of books. “Wait, I have more!” she says. She returns with a box filled with books.

25 wonderful, some classic, some fabulously obscure, herbal books. Even a little wildflower pocket guide for hiking!


I love them already. She has inspired me to be more selective with the books I keep, so I am sorting, FOR REAL, and will list the books I have for others to enjoy.

So, my Journey task for this waning moon is my books, and my junk pile, er, desk in my room with all my bills hidden in between the other pharaphanelia that ends up there.

I am sharing a photo of the shelf in my living room…this is nothing, will not post the others.

Send me a pic of your Journey task and I will post it! heikesharp (at)

Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 20 – You will be quickly and safely removed.

Today I tandem-tackled the kid’s rooms :).

After perusing the online stores for the perfect long, but not too high, and not too wide bookshelf, I realized that none of them were in my $5 budget. Then it hit me, I jumped into my car, raced to Home Depot. I bought a few concrete blocks and 10ft board, and Voilà!, the perfect shelf was born. And guess what? It has magic powers….it made B WANT to clean his room!!

On to the older child. There is a challenge that will take me at least 2 days.

She is tucked away safely at camp :), in the woods, singing “Kumbayah”. She will be SO HAPPY when she comes home to a clean, fabulously scented (all natural, of course. Who am I??) room. And she will never know what fueled the bonfire that is going to make my marshmallows tomorrow night. And no, I do not want to hear any opinions on privacy. That died when I walked in there the other day and just about wilted. That room is mine.

What I am reading: Still “Dragonfly in Amber”. I don’t know, not grabbing me as much as the first one. Also “Teaching our kids responsibility”.. 🙂
What I am grateful for: Going to the river with my family.
What I am manifesting: SALES, still.

Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 7

Today was a good day, and I dare say: I think the SpiritZappers are taking effect!

Today I had other plans, but they were diverted when I walked into my son’s room. I will not shock you with pictures, but even though he is only 7, he is a little SLOP. So instead of walking out with the child I went to retrieve, I was faced with the SpiritZapper of the day.

His room.

So we tackled it. He needs a new bookshelf, as his love for books and gooey stuff is apparent all over his floor.

He is lucky he is cute.

On a HAPPY note: Today I spent the majority of the day playing with food! We got some great deals on cherries and apricots yesterday, so I tried my hand at canning. I also made some more strawberry jam…Yum. If you want details, check out my new blog that is dedicated to our “aspiring homesteading adventure”. The Good, the Bad, and the Evil :).

Green Sub Mama

The day after…and things are still MERRY :)

It is the day after Christmas, and I am happy to say that no one in this family felt the need to go “return” anything today :)..or buy anything else because it was on sale. I actually spent a few fun hours with one of my best friends.


here are some of our favorites of this Happy Holiday:

Gaia Girls
I bought the first in this series of books for my daughter. OMG…every little Goddess should read this book! Both Heike Jr. and I devoured it and give it an A+++. The girls hear the Earth….and help her…

Bedtime Stories: This movie with Adam Sandler is the perfect family movie. Funny, both for old and young. Great effects :).

LEGOS!!! ‘Nuff said. Nothing spells hours of intense building like Legos and little Lego people. We just aquired a Police Interrogation Center, and it came with 4(!) new little people….

Winter Beer: Dark, dark beer, with lots of spices, brewed only once a year. Yummy.

Hot Chocolate soap: Made by my best friend named above. She makes some AWESOME soaps, it is the only soap we want to use, EVER. Hot Chocolate is HOT…so is the goat’s milk soap :).

We enjoyed our standard Christmas Eve dinner of “Wuerstschen” and potatoe salad, thanks to our German butcher. I also made Schnitzel the next day, and I think I have eaten more pig in the last two day than I should. I normally do not eat pig…Not sure what got into me!

Then there are many, many cookies. My ass is very thankful for all the cookies.

One more thing that makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. On Tuesday, I took my kids to Loaves & Fishes, a local homeless park, to drop off warm jackets, clothes, and boots. I was very touched by the scene there, and sad. I came home and shot all my friends an email, asking them to check their closets for warm items they can spare, because the need is great, especially for kids. I am going back next Friday, with lots of warm clothes. These women are making it happen. Women are awesome. My best friend above, again, also came down the mountain with 5 boxes of nice clothes that we dropped off today. Did I already say “AWESOME”? Those who did not have clothes sent their love. Lots of good Karma in my circle…

What I am grateful for: My circle of women.

What I am manifesting: Health