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Oodles of Noodles, simply homemade

My mom would tell me stories of her grandma, a natural born fermenter and maker. Sour milk, sourdough, and homemade noodles drying homemade egg noodleson the bed.

Making noodles always seemed like a difficult experiment to me, and I am not sure why. Pasta is literally my favorite thing to eat.

Given that I had mounds of excess tomatoes and fresh eggs in my kitchen, I decided to tackle making homemade egg noodles! Plus, I like know what is in my food, and where the ingredients come from (I am not not allergic to gluten, but sensitive, so knowing what flour I am ingesting is important. Not all wheat is the same. ).

Honestly, super simple.  You will need somewhere to dry your noodles. Laying them on a towel on the bed will not work in my house, due to the big black dog that is virtually everywhere. I took a tension curtain rod and hung it between tow cabinets (see photo) and covered it with plastic wrap. You can roll and cut noodles, but make sure you roll them out thin!

Here is the recipe:

2 cups of flour

1 tsp salt

3 egg yolks, 1 egg

1-4/ to 1/2 cup of water

Mix it all to form a ball, not too wet and not too dry. Roll out thin, then cut in strips or use your pasta machine. If you flour the dough well, you can gently fold it into thirds and cut the strips. Let dry about 1 hour. Cook in boiling water for 5-7 min.


Here is what really happened: My pasta was too thick, because I hand rolled it and cut it. I have no idea where the pasta machine is hiding I have hoarded for years, but will find it for next time. Noodles were yummy, but had the consistancy of dumplings. Other than that, YUMMY.

Do you still check under the bed?

e18406e6a30811e180c9123138016265_7When I was a child, one of my biggest fears was that something was hiding under my bed. I am still not clear what that “something” was, but I became creative in dealing with it.

Running, and taking a flying leap into my bed from the doorway.

Arranging ALL my stuffed animals around me when I slept to protect me.

Cramming all my belongings under the bed (now that I think about it, maybe that is what my son & daughter both are doing this, not just teenager sloppiness??).

If I was feeling very brave, I would lift up the blankets and peek under the bed, but only from the safety of the top, ringed by my animals.

I also thought things lived in closets, but since those could be closed, they were not as threatening to me. Even today, I will close (and lock, if possible) every closet before I go to the bed :).

Yesterday, we were doing our annual 4H petting zoo. I love watching the small children come and pet the chickens, the awe of touching their silky soft feathers and feeling their warmth. Of course, the baby goats are always a hit too.

Children have no fear, their innate curiousity trumps all.  It is the adults that jump when our chickens even just move to adjust their feet as they are being pet by lots of little hands. The adults that say “BE CAREFUL, the chicken can bite!” Or that urge their children from animal to animal, insisting they touch the animal, instead of letting the child explore on their own terms. It saddens me to see how fast, and unknowingly, adults project their fear of animals onto their children.

That brings me back to my biggest childhood fear: who is sharing my under bed space?

How in the world did that come around? Today, my bed is very high, with nothing under it but my dog, and on occasion my trampoline. Either way,  I can see under it from the door :).

This will be the topic of my next Skype coffee talk with my Mama. Stay tuned!


Afternoon Musings & Snacks

Fresh picked “snacks” from the garden :).

My kids are at camp this week, and my husband could not get off work, so I am ALL BY MYSELF during the day! Just me, the dog, and the chickens :). It is like I have taken off to a retreat. It is amazing how your everyday environment can change its’ energy!

Don’t get me wrong, I miss them all for a few minutes, then I get back in to my serene state of peace. I am enjoying every minute.

I had a long list of things I was going to do this week, and so far I have checked off: 0.

And that is ok.

I have decided to enjoy this time, and do only what I want. This morning, I took my dog to the river, and we went for a swim. Now I am enjoying the back yard, everything is luscious after 3 days of rain, and even though it is already 90 degrees, there is a magnificent breeze. My chicks and the chickens have found a warm spot in the sun and are dozing, and I just hauled myself up from the hammock :).

These days have given me the brain space to work up a plan for my impending new business, and also to ponder on the things I want to continue, or not. If I could give every woman a prescription for a few days, or even hours, alone…I would. I realize now why I cannot focus, on a daily basis there are a thousand things tugging at me at once.

I made a list of things I want to do this summer (this differs completely from my above list of have-tos):

1. Refresh my Italian. I already started an online course. It is free through our library. It is called Mango. Great way to learn conversation in another language, also a great way to manifest that villa/orchard I am moving to in Italy.

2. Knit socks. I finally found a pattern I can follow, and already have finished one sock, ending up with EXACTLY the amount of stiches that the pattern shows. I am amazing, and will finally have to socks that match. Now I am knitting up all that cool wool I found at thrift stores, and we will all have happy feet. I just LOVE wool socks! Want to make some yourself? Find a picture tutorial here!!

3. If you are one of my vegetarian or vegan friends, don’t watch or read this.
I just bought a pig, Sweetie, at the County Fair. The girl who raised it is a friend of my kids. By buying from her, I support her and her 4H project, and I know that I am getting a healthy, well raised, happy pig. I met Sweetie and cuddled her. Today I watched an amazing video on harvesting. Actually, 4 videos. I grew up eating every part of an animal, so this hits close to home. Now I want to raise a pig myself and harvest it. With love. I need that ranch.  If you like pork, find a farmer where you can visit, support and buy from them, and be happy that you are have magnificent food. Watch the videos on pork butchery here.

4. I am seriously going to clean out my closet and sell all those fabulous clothes I no longer wear, lots of vintage…and buy myself some brand new, red, totally outrageous cowboy boots.

5. I am going to loose 10lbs by bouncing myself silly on my fabulous Rebounder! OMG…this so much fun. I actually bought it to retrain my muscle in my leg, but dagnabit!! It is a hoot! And guess what? According to some experts, this is the key to detoxifying, since you are activating the lymphs while jumping. Who knew???

6. After much YouTube watching, I am going to plant artichokes in my front yard, even if I have to water them.

That’s all for now. More may come, I have two more spa days.

Much love,