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A Radish to the Rescue!

Every time I buy Daikon radishes at the market, someone asks me how to prepare them. Unless you are at an Asian market, Californians still see this long white radish as “exotic”. But you will not get that question from a European. I grew up in eating “Retichsalat” in Germany, and it was a Summer staple.

As simple as they are, and fairly cheap (2 for $1!!), they are a giant powerhouse of nutrition. These radishes are known to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, improve digestion, detoxify the body, strengthen bones, aid respiratory health, and are even said to prevent certain types of cancer. You can read more details on the wonders of the Daikon radish in this great article by 

Here is my favorite & fast Summer recipe! Perfect as a side to meat, or as a fresh appetizer to cold cuts. It is great if you have time to prepare this and let is sit overnight in the fridge, but you can prepare it right before a meal too!

2 Daikon Radishes


Fresh or dried dill

Sour cream or milk

Grate radishes into thin slices. If you have time, salt them generously and let them sit for at least 1 hour. Drain the water. If you don’t have time, salt them and move on :). (you will have to add more salt later).

Add salt & pepper and dill. Add enough sour cream, about 3-4 large spoonfuls, to make a thick sauce. This works if you still have water from the salting. It will make a very creamy sauce :). If you only have milk, add sparingly, you don’t want it to be runny.

voila! You are done!

Like I said, it tastes better the longer it soakes, and it is very refreshing when coming straight from the fridge.


Much love,


My Tupperware set me free!

If you have been missing me, well, I have been down in the ditches with dust, dirt, dog hair, and other unmentionables. I have found bills that have been completely ignored, others from 2002, pictures of people I do not know the names of anymore, and clothes….

Oh, my beautiful clothes….

Today is day 4 of a manic panic ditching session before I ring in the New Year tomorrow night with friends. I received the not so subtle messages in my dreams and horoscope that I better get my ass in gear and get rid of what I did not want repeated in 2010.

I was contemplating torching the place, but then I do love this house. Plus, the heater in the van does not work.

Four evenings ago, as I was stuffing yet some more books (which I just purchased at the thrift store!) into my custom-built bookshelf that is stacked double-deep, one of my old books fell out and on to my toes. “Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui”, by Karen Kingston. I have only read this book at least 5 times in the last 10 years, but something made me open to page 1 and start reading, AGAIN. That was a mistake. Oh my GODDESS! I walked into my kitchen, which happens to be my Prosperity area, and thought: I am doomed. I was still sorting Tupperware at 4 am. I threw out everything that did not have a top or bottom (no matter if they were expensive Tupper or cheap Rubbermaid), all my ten million saved joghurt canisters, scrubbed my sink, found my table, etc. My recycle bin is full.

Next I tackled my bedroom, which houses my super book shelves behind a beautiful, vibrant curtain, LOL. I myself am amazed at how many Feng Shui, Moon Magic, Magic, Herb, Knitting/Crochet, Business & Network marketing (old life), and misc. Goddess Power books I have. One of the nice things about clearing that first layer of books is that I find books I totally forgot I had…and I already bought another copy!

Uff, and that pile of STUFF on my desk. I hate paper, yet it loves me. It attaches to me like a bad stink.

As it says in my good little book, clutter attracts bad energy. I already know that, so why in the hell do I have so much clutter? It is crazy. So, on day two, I hauled out 3 giant boxes of paper, old magazines, crap. That was after I sorted out books into piles for friends, piles for doubles, and a box for the thrift store (I do not give books away lightly, and yet, I had a whole box of books I did not love. Not enought to give them to friends, that shows you the state of mind I must be in sometimes). Finding so much stuff that was unwanted, and unneeded really got me thinking about how this stuff correlates with my life. If you know me, you know that “clutter”, and trying to get rid of it, seems to be a thread. Having the proof stare me in the face……..

That is when I paniced! Only how many days until New Years Eve??

Yesterday I tackled the garage/junk room/laundry/pantry room. That room morphs at night and grows stuff. That room is like a pimple on my ass. I have no idea WHY we cannot keep that room clean. So I tackled it yet again.

Today, I explained to the kids that this is an emergency. My daughter must go into her closet, and get out whatever she does not love. LOVE, you hear me??? I don’t care what I paid for it, if you have ever worn it, if it is still too big. If you don’t LOVE it, hand it over. Amazingly enough, she filled a whole garbage bag, even though we just cleared a few weeks ago. We have good friends to give most of it to, yet, another nudge into my conscious. Heike, what the hell are doing???

My son, well he dumped the giant storage tote that has been sitting in my living room, and it was Christmas all over for him. Once he sorted out Legos, train tracks, Lincoln Logs from the general mayhem, I made him choose one to give away. I got the evil eye, and had to bribe a kiss with the promise of Diary Queen.

My closet, well that is a matter of its’ own. I do have clothes that I have had for at least 20 years, and I think they still fit me for the most part. That does not mean I should wear them, ever. I still had some polyester stints in there from my working days, some success suits from my direct sales days, and lots and lots of shoes. I have a shoe thing. Or had, since now my wardrobe consists mainly of cowboy boots, hiking boots, and tennis shoes that lift your butt. I have not worn heels for at least 4 years, yet, I still had 3 pairs of heels, with price tags in my closet, nestled in with all their buddies. What can I say?

I took a deep breath, and plunged in. I stuffed a giant bag with clothes for WEAVE, and another for the thrift store. I am over the initial shock, and might go back in tomorrow and take out some more.

I packed my car, and donated. I came home, and discovered that I forgot two bags, LOL.

Now, I am going to tackle more paper. I have to punch little holes in it and file. I will do so with a smile and a big glass of rum. Maybe rum & coffee….

One more night…

What I am thankful for: My kids, who are afraid I may be going insane.

What I am reading: “House of Spirits” by Isabel Allende.

You are now HEALED! Not.

I had to break down and go to the doctor last week and get my leg checked. After spending 9 months and then some in the hospital after my accident 16 years ago, I have an aversion against doctors. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, respect them, as they saved my life. But, I would rather drink vinegar, walk down the street naked, eat worms, than go to the doctor.

If you know my story (it is in my book, chapter “Blessed With Two Miracles”), you know that the accident I had literally broke my back. It also severed a bunch of nerves, leaving parts of my right leg numb. Over the years my lazy butt took over, and the leg got weaker and weaker. So now we have it.

As my son says as we are walking to the doctor’s office: “I know why your leg hurts, mama. You are old.”


The visit was quite useless, as the doctor basically told me the same thing. Age, and the lack of rigorous leg exercise, have take their toll. Now that I know that my cold, blue feet are not going to fall off, I can get to work.

Old my ass.

It is time to call my roots. I am getting ready to do an herbal cleanse to rid my body of toxins. I have also started to take COLD showers to get that circulation going. BRRR! It takes some cojones to take cold showers, and there is an art to it. Being German, I remember the Kneipp water pools with warm and cold water, now I wish I had some here!

If you are short on time, but want to exercise, Heike to the rescue! Try the 5 Tibetan Rites. Not only does it work every main muscle, once you have it down pat, it is supposed to make you YOUNGER!!


Seriously, I am a mess. The other day I woke up and my body hurt. I think it is giving me a sign. Of course, I am not as diligent as I could be. The perfect scenario would be to change my diet for 3 weeks to really balance my insides.

I can handle no meat, no sugar, no yeast, and no preservatives or “color”. But no coffee, wine, CHEESE (my only soulfood, melted cheese!!)?

Oh hell no!

So we (my body and I) will start slowly and keep y’all posted!