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Goddesses with Magic in their belly

Custom Goddess I recently finished.

The first Goddess I made was for myself.

She literally came to me to keep me from going insane.

My daughter was five, and my son was just a few weeks old, and I thought I was going to loose it. Now, I think I may have had a bought of Postpartum Depression, then I just thought I was overwhelmed. One night, the Goddess just popped in my head, a beautiful round form, with the message to go to the craft store buy some clay and make it happen. She was big and purple, and a little crude, but I put her on a silk string and wore her ALL THE TIME. Her weight on my chest, and the fact that I could grab her when in need, gave me a certain confidence.

Strangely enough, I cannot find a picture of her anywhere today. She was the beginning of my Goddess journey. People began commenting on her, asking me if she was a fertility Goddess (she had similar forms as the Goddess of Willendorf). Inside: “Hell no, I made her because these two beautiful humans I have are driving me insane!” On the outside, I smiled and said “No, she is the Goddess for whatever you need her to be”.

Friends began asking me to make them Goddesses for different reasons. Then I made one for a friend who was trying to get pregnant for a long time, and she made the announcement a few months later. With that, I became the Goddess Maker.

I would make Goddesses with trinkets, herbs, stones, even hair, all kinds of things in their belly, including lots of intention specific to the person I was making her for, and Moon Magic.

I also began making “everyday” Goddesses, knowing that the right person would find their Goddess, but continued making custom Goddesses over the years.

Now, I take on a limited amount of custom Goddesses. They are beautiful and draining at the same time. The take my energy, and my patience. When I take on a custom Goddess project, I always explain the ritual, because that is exactly what it is: a ritual. I also let the potential wearer know that in the end, I may not be able to make them a custom Goddess at all. It is rare, but has happened.

Once I have been told the “mission” of the Goddess, I can usually see her within a few minutes of talking. I get an idea of favorite colors, but honestly, the Goddess goes where she pleases. I have had Goddesses change color completely 3+ times! Once I see her and pass that on, the making process begins! I incorporate the belly magic, paint, paint, paint. That is when the Tango begins. The Goddess and I dance back and forth, until we finally agree and I can finish. I have made them for recently graduated women firefighters, much wanted pregnancies, Menarche boxes, gifts for little goddesses, sister Witches, etc. The missions are endless & wonderful! Then I just have to wait for a Full Moon to bless her, and she can be off to to her magic!

Much Love,

P.S. You can find YOUR Goddess here. Or contact me at heike (at) for custom Goddess availability. xoxo

A letter to my 13 year old self

In 2007, I was 38, I wrote a letter to my 13 year old self as part of a blog Meme.

I loved reading this again, and will now add my 40’s.

I hope this inspires you to write to your budding teenage self!

(clearing throat, wiping eyes)

Dear Heike,

Yipee! You are 13!! Finally, you hit your teens. Isn’t this the day you have been waiting for? If you could only be like all the other thirteen year olds…but you can’t. It is ok, soon, you will not have to change so much to fit in. Actually, you will be honored because you are so different.

The rest of your teens are filled with adventure, a few authentic friends, and many people who just want to take advantage of you. Heed them! And do not let them into your house. You will know who your true friends are, and they will be with you for a long time. Be nice to your mama, she is doing the best she can. If I could keep you off that motorcycle, I would. Too many close calls :), but you are a bit of a wild child with a very sensible brain.

Fuzzy blast from my 20’s past

Your 20’s start out with a bang, and an accident that will change your life. You will think it is the end of the world, but it is not. You will survive the pain, the uncertainty, and all the follow up operations. And you will carry all the scars with pride, because you have conquered. When you are MUCH older, you will discover Frida Kahlo, the courageous and ingenious artist who had a brace just like you. I promise, you will overcome. A man you can’t stand to be around becomes your soulmate, and you will marry him. When you are 28, you will have a baby they say you will never have. She is a miracle.

Your 30’s are pretty awesome. You are a mama now, and you have learned from many of your past mistakes. Everything you endured growing up, will now make you strong and opinionated. You will become a Goddess, and finally find your clan. You will also find your path, and all your past and present dreams will make more sense. They are your calling. You will have another baby, and they are both fabulous. You are an artist, and your hands make you happy.

Your 40’s make you feel like you are 25 again. Not in the body, but the BRAIN! Your Spirit is vibrant, and feisty! You begin to get more interested in politics, because you want to make your home a better place to live. You become a very vocal pain in the butt, and people know your name, even if it is a bit difficult for people to say! Your children are now teens, and they are pretty opinionated, fantastic humans. They are a lot like you are now: primal, smart, feisty, wild, and they drive you crazy. Your daughter is the confident young Goddess woman you wanted her to become, she has enough confidence for a whole country.  You are becoming a mentor for a younger generation, as you walk between the lines of society. You are the keeper of the Goddess, and your work is with women & girls, making them warriors. You are still working with your hands, your dreams, and your intuition.

As you get older, your life just keeps getting better. Just like a good wine ;).


Fly little baby, FLY!!! And make your Mama cry!

Today I saw my “baby” off for a 3 month trip to Europe.

I just about died. I put my treasure, my little cohort, on a plane to go across the planet by herself. We have spent the last (almost) 18 years together almost every day. I homeschooled!!

Now I am watching her plane, 33K feet in the air, and am excited about all the things she will get to see! She will get to taste my favorite foods, see all the places I would tell her about, throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain………

Yet, with all this excitement, I am not sure I am ready to let my baby venture away yet. The realization that she will turn 18 in a few weeks is unreal. Time has passed so quickly!

What I do know is that I have raised an excellent human! She is confident, smart, open-minded and good hearted. She is hilarious, but can be a serious support if needed.

I can’t wait to see her millions of Instagram pictures & blog posts! You can follow her travel adventures  on Instagram under “abentpieceofwire”.

P.S. Born and raised in the USA. She made sure she would be home for Thanksgiving :).

You are snarky, over-authoritative, and too influential.

“You are snarky, over-authorative, and too influential.”

As a woman, would you take this as a compliment, or a reprimand?

How about as a 16 year old girl?

How about if you are that 16 year old’s mama?


My daughter, who many of you know about through my blog since she was born, or recently, as she represented both on Huffington Post, the Today Show, etc., was given a “behavior notice” recently.  I was a bit stumped. When she told me why, I was proud. Take away the snarkiness.  Teenager eye-rolling needs to stay out of the picture, and like I told her, learning to keep your poker face no matter what your inner emotions are right then is a talent that we learn as we age.

I have literally spent the last 16 years raising this girl to be confident, have an opinion, be able to speak, be aware, and become a young woman who is authentic. That takes some energy in today’s society here in the U.S. There are campaigns and groups out there that are trying to do what I did at home. I have surrounded her with strong women who love her and celebrate her, both in the family and my circle of friends.  Hell yes she is influential! I would rather her influence other young girls than the media. Does influential make her bossy? Maybe? If she were a boy, would she get a behavior notice too?

Ah….and the AUTHORITATIVE.  Do you have to be authoritative to be a leader and make a change? Yes.


adjective ə-ˈthär-ə-ˌtā-tiv, ȯ-, -ˈthȯr-

: having or showing impressive knowledge about a subject

: having the confident quality of someone who is respected or obeyed by other people

That kind of sums up my daughter.  She speaks about it in front of CEO’s, community leaders, donors, television, schoolchildren, etc, about the things she loves and is passionate about.  Because she lives it and has “impressive knowledge about the subject”.
Shouldn’t all our girls be authoritative? Isn’t that what we are striving for?

Instead, I am finding that adults are often intimidated by confident youth. Both girls & boys. More than once, I suspect that is because of personal issues, maybe issues from that adult’s youth? I wonder if they had been raised in a more confident manner, being praised for their own individuality instead of trying to conform to the norm, would they embrace the confidence of today’s youth?

I believe that young girls, and boys, definitely need good role models in our society. At this point, they are being raised by Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Their role models are celebrities, that don’t always make the greatest choices, or their “popular” peers. Should we not celebrate youth that come from all walks of life and settings, and have accomplished great things in their young lives? Who are well spoken, well mannered, and shown responsibility and drive?

There is certainly more to this story, but from what I see, I have raised my child to have an opinion, and to respect others. 

I feel very strongly about this. I am proud of my daughter, and by the way, everyone in our “family” who has heard about this is applauding her (minus the snarkiness, again). This leads right up to the subject of women being called “bitchy” when they are really confident, assertive, the boss? There is of course a fine line between being a leader and a steamroller, but that is a different subject.

What are your thoughts?

And THIS is how you raise a Barbie Girl.

My daughter is causing a stir 🙂 I am so proud.

few weeks ago, she wrote an article on the Huffpost Teen in response to
the “Should there be a plus sized Barbie?” question, and the debate if
girls should play with Barbie at all. If you have not read it, here you

Can you see it already?

Here is the thing. I raised this girl to be a
GODDESS. She named herself Athena at a young age. And, I played Barbies
with her. Alot. You see, I played with Barbies when I was a little girl,
and there was no way in hell I was going to deprive her, or myself,
from dreaming up imaginative, glittery, pink worlds. I got the evil
eyes, the whole “but Barbie gives girls unrealistic body ideals” spiel,
and more. I did not care, because quite frankly, “I” did not look to
Barbie for health/body/training advice, ever. If society is looking for a
culprit that is teaching our young girls unrealistic ideals or low
self-esteem, it needs to look elsewhere. Honestly, the people who argued
this point with me when my daughter was little looked like they could
use some glittery pink in their lives.

Right now, I am tracking them down personally and sending them these articles my daughter wrote :).

see, I have a 16 year old daughter that has enough self esteem for two
countries. She is smart, outspoken, confident, glittery, down to earth,
adventurous, ambitious, healthy, aware……who does that remind you
of?? Me! And BARBIE?

Barbie is now in Sports
Illustrated. Of course! She is gorgeous in a swim suit. She is about as
“real” as the other models they feature. The debate is on. Should Barbie
be featured in Sports Illustrated? LOL!! Yes, why not? My daughter will
tell you why she thinks so:

Barbie is a doll. She is a super woman, and why wouldn’t we want our girls to play with someone so fabulous? BTW, Miss Piggy is quite fabulous & “outspoked” too, and no on is worried about her ruining our girls. We
women are responsible for raising strong, independent, and aware girls.
It is not up to a doll, a celebrity, or anyone else to be the one they
look up to.