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30 Goddesses in 30 days – Crazy Daisy

Frida III – 30 day challenge

A few weeks ago, I visited the gallery showing of my friend, Stephanie Lorelei Longoria. Her paintings are absolutely stunning, you should go look! We talked about the different paintings, and she told me that one of her class assignments was to produce a ridiculous (I believe it was 100??) pieces in a 30 day period. Whoa!! As an artist, I can only imagine the pressure of that! But the more we talked about it, the more I understand why this assignment was genius! It makes you GO, get out of your box, and you never know what will come out.

So, I am taking this challenge.

Goddesses can’t be made in a day 🙂 (Rome was not built in a day either!), due the fact that each one is made from scratch and starts with a blob of polymer. Also, the layers of paint, well, they take forever.  But, over the next 30 28 days, I will post at least one Goddess a day. These Goddesses will all go on my Etsy store. I will try to get them listed the same day. “Goddess” could be a pendant, a Vitch, a drawing…..I am leaving that up to Universe. May is crazy, so around Fair time you may see 2-3 at once, and they may be listed next to a cow or goat. You can pull up the challenge Goddesses by putting “30 Day Challenge” in the search box will in the store.

I want you to share with me! Every Friday, you can share which Goddess of the week was your favorite on Facebook. Contest details will be posted every Friday. On my birthday, May 27th, I will go through the Fridays and choose one comment by “Eenie-Meenie”. That lucky person can celebrate with me and pick a Goddess of their own on my Etsy store :). So, it is really only 28 days, but that is ok. Happy Birthday to us :).

Have a fabulous week!
Much love,

Giveaway! Virgin, Mama, Witch & Bitch

Hello Beautifuls!

It has been so long that I have done a Giveaway, I want to gift YOU :)!!  Here is one of my favorite stories from my book, “Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings from the Goddess Within”.  Below you will find some little raffle tidbits to enter, and you can enter every day until 12:01am on 06//30/12! The winner will receive a copy of my book, and a little surprise! (Pssst...LULU is having a 20% off sale until 6/29, just follow the link and enter CHASE when you check out.)


Virgin, Mama, Witch & Bitch
by Heike Boehnke-Sharp

 When a girl baby is born, she is already born into a world of “must be”. Women’s roles start at this early stage. Girls are supposed to wear pretty dresses and do “girlie” things. Goddess forbid the little girl child is not “cute”, since little girls are supposed to look like little dolls. How many times do you hear “I wish I had a little girl? I could dress her up and do her hair, they are so fun!” Little girls that play with boy things, or are dirty, rough, and wear pants all the time, are considered “tomboys” from toddler hood on, they are just not “real” little girls….

 Puberty comes, and we are confronted with the term “virgin”, but not in the sense of generations past, when being a virgin was a status symbol of high honor. Society has teenage girls believing it is a disgrace to be a virgin. Their peers and their society pressure girls into sex early, thinking it is the thing to do, and the one who actually “does it” is the one who ends up a teenage mama. To the lucky girls, the “virgin” is the stage of beauty and growth. Girls grow breasts, have their first menstruation, and slowly become women. In many societies and cultures, this stage is still honored with beautiful celebrations and rites of passage. We women need to give our girls the knowledge and self-esteem that helps them develop. We have to teach them that THEY have the right to decide over their bodies and their destiny, giving them choices. The “virgin” is a stage of purity and beauty, not just a metaphoric term whether you have had sex or not.

 For most women, the next stage is “Mama”. They get married and become a wife, and the new mama to their husband, or they perform the miracle of birthing a new human child. Some women choose to skip this stage all together; though I believe we all have the “Mama” instilled in us, and play this role for someone or something in our lives. No matter how well we try to prepare, we cannot study up on this role, but grow into it. Intuition and experience turn us into masters, nurturers with the goal of protecting our kingdom. We portray this role with fierceness, and mamas are often compared to tigresses protecting their cub. The variations “Mamas” are as diverse as women themselves: some women stand by their man till death does them part, some women refer to their career or business accomplishment as ‘their baby” and others protect and live for their children.

 The “Witch” is not as the word in the dictionary, but the spiritual side of a woman. Witches, before their discrimination and elimination, were women of great intelligence and honor. Their rank in society was high and powerful. They were healers, and women whose intuition and knowledge let them perform great deeds. They were not always Beauties, but their aura of power and self-confidence made them beautiful, no matter what the outer shell portrayed. When today’s woman reaches this stage, she is ready for change and self-fulfillment. She is ready to find her inner self and true meaning in life. She turns to meditation, psychics, aromatherapy, yoga, or other forms of “natural healing” to comfort her inner spirit. In this stage, a woman stops dieting, dying, and otherwise torturing herself to fit into society’s beauty ideal, she turns her back and starts to find her beauty inside. She becomes more confident, starts making changes, and the “Bitch” comes out.

 The “Bitch” is in us from toddler stage, we just don’t know it. When we discover her in us for the first time, we suppress her due to “etiquette”. But boy, when we need her, is she ever helpful! She is our “other self” that comes out when we fell threatened, cheated, or confronted. When we are in a bad place because something in our life is just not right, our first step to changing it is to become “bitchy”. Some women get stuck on this step for a very long time, but sooner or later they realize it and move forward. Others jump right on up! In corporate America, strong and powerful women are often referred to as “bitches” by their male counterparts or employees of both sexes, because that attitude is what keeps them above ground and in charge. People are intimidated, and of course annoyed, by bitchy women, but if you look at it as a stage of wonderful stage you will see your sisters in a much rosier light!

Look at yourself, what stage are you in now? And the next time someone calls you a “Bitch”, you can just smile and say “Why, THANK YOU!” The circle is becoming complete.


Enter to win a copy of “Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within”! (contest runs until 12:01am on 06/30/12)

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I have a WINNER, but…..

I cannot reach her!

So, here is a SHOUT OUT!

Jenna @ Goddessworld, email me! You are the lucky winner of this months “Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within”!

For everyone else, here is a little excerpt:

Circle of Power

When I recently went to a luncheon hosted in honor of a woman I admire strongly, I was overwhelmed by “woman power”! Peggy O’Mara, the editor/owner of Mothering Magazine, was the Queen Bee for the day, and all around her was the buzz of the “worker bees”, the awesome women who are out there just doing it!
There were about 30 women at this gathering, and when I arrived we all just mingled, chatted, ate a little, and chatted some more. Then the circle was called, and we all found a spot in a big circle of women. We started at one end, and each woman introduced herself and mentioned why she was there. Most of us were there because we love Peggy, (of course!), but it was interesting to find out how each woman arrived at this point in life, and what they were doing with their talents.
Interesting enough, for most of us the change came with the birth of our first child. I am not talking about birth itself, which we know is life altering, but “after birth”, so to speak. I am speaking of the changes, and new found passion, each woman found inside of herself after she became a mother. Each one had a very different story and project. As each women spoke, you could feel the energy rise, and I became completely emotional. By the time it was my turn, all I could say was “me too, same here, that’s’ true!” I felt so humble in this circle of power, though I knew my role there was one of importance. I am a piece of the puzzle.

(Circle of Power, Pg. 62)

You can order a signed copy directly from me here ;).

What I am grateful for: My family

What I am manifesting: Sales!

My Gawd!!!! A winner, the Mercury Retrograde, and other miscellaneous mishaps!!

First off, I FORGOT, yes, FORGOT to have a book drawing last month!!

The winner is, Joann @ gmail….I am emailing you!

Congratulations! You are receiving a copy of “Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within”!

You can be a winner too! See sidebar, just subscribe to updates, and you could be my next monthly winner :)..

The last days have been embarrassing. Not only do my fingers push SEND before I have gone back and edited out all the curse words or changed the recipients, my mouth opens before the brain has analyzed the consequence of my words as well.

Ah….the Mercury Retrograde. When all communication goes askew…and electrical necessities die. Some say it is a myth..would I lie??

I think I will shut myself away until February 1st.

BUT WAIT!!! Now is the time to get YOUR Goddess with Magick in her belly…I am having a 40% off sale!!

What I am grateful for: My kids

What I am manifesting: Keener reaction skills…..

And the OCTOBER WINNER of the “musings” is…..

Congratulations, a copy of “Goddess in the Groove~Musings From the Goddess Within” on is on the way to you!

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Hoping your Halloween and Samhain were as fun as ours!
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Trick or Treating!

Loot!! Trading for high value candy :)…and taking some out for Mama..

Sorting and inventory. I am not sure where my child gets this from…must be from her great-Grandmother :).

I am BAAAAAACK…and have a WINNER!!


As you may recall (if not, just read the last post), I checked myself in for a week. That was about 2 weeks ago, and now I am BACK!! I will share more later this week, I had some pretty fabulous experiences while being recluse :).

Today, it is all about the WINNER of “Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within”!

Congratulations to belletamaam, who I am emailing right now!

If you are curious, you can check out a few sample pages of my book on Google.

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If you did not win today, don’t be sad. You can purchase a copy, or look forward to All Hallow’s Eve, at which time I will draw a new winner.

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Win some MUSINGS!!!

Dear Friends

If you have not seen my little “P.P.S” messages in the last few blogs, you will be pleasantly amused today.

For the next few months, I will be giving away a copy of my book, “Goddess in the Groove ~ Musings From the Goddess Within“, to one lucky bloggy visitor. All you have to do is sign up to receive my Feedblitz notices of new bloggy entries. It is that simple :), and you only have to do it once. My totally unbiased Little Elf and his assistant TeeTee Bear will pick one winner on the last day of the month, every month, until further notice.

Good luck to you!!! Only 13 days left until the first drawing.

P.P.S. If you pass this on to your friends, family, any other Goddesses you know, your BLOG, I will send you grateful Goddess smooches!!!

Me! Me! Me??? Waving hands, jumping up and down…

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Has my blogging somehow made you think, or changed your life? Do I make you laugh, or cry?? Then please grab a glass or wine, or a cup of coffee, and let BlogHer know. I could win a free trip to BlogHer ’08, and more! I will be a much better blogger after that, promise :).