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The Story of the Wolf Dog & the Human

The Story of the Wolf Dog & the Human
by Heike Boehnke-Sharp

You walk by the man with the box in the parking lot.

You hear a yelp, and turn around.

Inside the box, you see three majestic puppies. They are not small, and have air about them.

They look you straight in the eye.

“Timberwolf & Shepard” says the man. “They make fine, big watchdogs”.

Hopefully you are not a dog fighter, a drug dealer, a macho man, a deranged soul.

Their cuteness overtakes you, you make a spontaneous decision. You pick the smallest puppy, because “WOLF” sounds so big.

It’s a boy.

You are in love. He stole your heart. He licks you, and you think it is love & devotion.

He is marking you as his Alpha. For now.

Your puppy grows & thrives. It seems that he does not want to grow into his feet. You wait with training, because he is just so cute & cuddly, all you want to do is play.  Plus, he enjoys running from you so much, taking your shoes and chewing on them, nipping you in the ankles are you walk, or biting your arm as you “play” wrestle. He is getting sturdier, you notice as he brushes by your legs with his body more and more. It must be love, like with a cat.

He follows you. He watches your eyes before he leaps on your, or steals something and runs. His body rubs become a little annoying, as he almost pushes you over.

One day, while you are playing tug of war, his lips pull back and he nips at you.

HEY! You are not bleeding, but he watches as you retreat.

He is almost 6 months now, an adolescent in the making.

He is beautiful. Regal, large, furry, with magical brown eyes.

His eyes look at you openly & clear, and the next second they change and he barks/snarls at you.

You notice the bark is not one of warning, but it is directed at you.

Hopefully, you are a strong woman, or a gentle & strong male human.

Your wolf, because that is what he is, needs his Alpha now.

“He loves me!” you  say. “He would never attack me!”

A wise soul once told me that dogs do not “love” like we humans do. We interpret their affection as such. Dogs respect the Alpha, and they are survivalist. You give them food, they are happy to see you. You give them freedom, they are happy to see you. You rub their butt where they can’t reach, they are happy to see you!

DOG:” Are you sick? Are you weak? Why are you letting me challenge you? Do I need to take over to ensure the safety of our pack? Let me just get these small humans over here where I can watch over them. Push. Push. Nip. Pull. I am sorry, I did not mean to draw blood. Why are looking at me scared? Did I challenge you too. Are backing down?


Hopefully, human, you have done some research on dog & pack behavior, because you do not have a Chihuahua. You have a wolf. A hunter. A herder. A pack animal. A majestic, instinctive, canine.

Hopefully, by now someone has taught you how to safely throw your wolf down when he challenges you as  Alpha, just like his wolf mother or Alpha would. They would not take that shit, not for a minute. Never seen a wolf throwdown? Google it and learn. You will have to learn to hold his jaws so he cannot bite you, as you say NO in a growling voice and look him in the eye. When he stays down, you will have done your job to ensure his & your safety, because you love this dog.

And when stupid people ask you why you are “hurting” your dog, you send them to the right place so they can figure it out themselves. Hopefully, THEY will never find a wolf dog.

And now you will show your kids how to handle him when he throws his big body at them. He is always establishing where he sits in the Alpha ladder, and small humans and other animals are all just rungs up that ladder to you, the Alpha.

Now teach him that you are in charge of food, that when you say “WAIT!” or look at him with that look he stops.  You must run with him in the wind, challenge his brain, let him chase squirrels. You must warn your neighbors to make sure their animals stay out of your yard, because even though your wolf is friendly & lovable, when that cat runs through your yard, it is prey, and that wolf instinct is STRONG.

Your wolf is one year old. Look at him. He is HUGE.  He is watching you. He will protect you, and his pack, with his life, because that is what wolves do. If you have trained him good behavior with a gentle, but firm hand, he will be the perfect family dog. He will be fantastic. He will be loyal.  But NEVER let your guard down, because even when your wolf/dog is older, even if your routine is set in stone, he is always watching you to see if you REALLY are still the Alpha.  He can turn on you and test you periodically, you better be ready.

Welcome to the pack life, human.

Heike & Rex

Heike: I wrote this piece to get the attention of everyone who sees a “cute” wolf dog and takes it home. These majestic dogs are a commitment. Sadly, many wolf dogs end up in shelters, or if they are lucky, with a wolf rescue when they are teenagers and their owners cannot handle the “wolf”.  I was working with a wolf rescue and learning more about them when we got Rex. We are not sure of Rex’s ancestory (and do not necessarily think he has wolf), but you can see he is huge & wild :). I rescued him when he was an unsocialized, wild, and anxiety aggressive puppy. I walked around for a long time looking like I was in cat fights, as I became his teacher on how to use his teeth & claws. He came to me to teach me many lessons, and even after almost 8 years, he is still teaching me.  Learning pack behavior kept us together :), and now we are bound.

Afternoon Musings & Snacks

Fresh picked “snacks” from the garden :).

My kids are at camp this week, and my husband could not get off work, so I am ALL BY MYSELF during the day! Just me, the dog, and the chickens :). It is like I have taken off to a retreat. It is amazing how your everyday environment can change its’ energy!

Don’t get me wrong, I miss them all for a few minutes, then I get back in to my serene state of peace. I am enjoying every minute.

I had a long list of things I was going to do this week, and so far I have checked off: 0.

And that is ok.

I have decided to enjoy this time, and do only what I want. This morning, I took my dog to the river, and we went for a swim. Now I am enjoying the back yard, everything is luscious after 3 days of rain, and even though it is already 90 degrees, there is a magnificent breeze. My chicks and the chickens have found a warm spot in the sun and are dozing, and I just hauled myself up from the hammock :).

These days have given me the brain space to work up a plan for my impending new business, and also to ponder on the things I want to continue, or not. If I could give every woman a prescription for a few days, or even hours, alone…I would. I realize now why I cannot focus, on a daily basis there are a thousand things tugging at me at once.

I made a list of things I want to do this summer (this differs completely from my above list of have-tos):

1. Refresh my Italian. I already started an online course. It is free through our library. It is called Mango. Great way to learn conversation in another language, also a great way to manifest that villa/orchard I am moving to in Italy.

2. Knit socks. I finally found a pattern I can follow, and already have finished one sock, ending up with EXACTLY the amount of stiches that the pattern shows. I am amazing, and will finally have to socks that match. Now I am knitting up all that cool wool I found at thrift stores, and we will all have happy feet. I just LOVE wool socks! Want to make some yourself? Find a picture tutorial here!!

3. If you are one of my vegetarian or vegan friends, don’t watch or read this.
I just bought a pig, Sweetie, at the County Fair. The girl who raised it is a friend of my kids. By buying from her, I support her and her 4H project, and I know that I am getting a healthy, well raised, happy pig. I met Sweetie and cuddled her. Today I watched an amazing video on harvesting. Actually, 4 videos. I grew up eating every part of an animal, so this hits close to home. Now I want to raise a pig myself and harvest it. With love. I need that ranch.  If you like pork, find a farmer where you can visit, support and buy from them, and be happy that you are have magnificent food. Watch the videos on pork butchery here.

4. I am seriously going to clean out my closet and sell all those fabulous clothes I no longer wear, lots of vintage…and buy myself some brand new, red, totally outrageous cowboy boots.

5. I am going to loose 10lbs by bouncing myself silly on my fabulous Rebounder! OMG…this so much fun. I actually bought it to retrain my muscle in my leg, but dagnabit!! It is a hoot! And guess what? According to some experts, this is the key to detoxifying, since you are activating the lymphs while jumping. Who knew???

6. After much YouTube watching, I am going to plant artichokes in my front yard, even if I have to water them.

That’s all for now. More may come, I have two more spa days.

Much love,

Let’s take it outside and duke it out

I love my kids more than everything.

I homeschool them both.

We are together 24/7.

Have I mentioned I love them?

There are days when I would gladly put them in school, any school, just to give them the opportunity to live on someone elses schedule, and to get them out of each others’ hair. Yes, and to get them out of my bubble.

Have I mentioned our house is only about 850sq/ft?

We have an interesting dynamic. My kids are 5 years apart, girl & boy, and are CONSTANTLY at each other. But take them apart, and they immediately miss each other. They fight like cats & dogs, and the next moment they are huddled together under the blanket watching some horrendous show together, cackling like wild dogs.

I am mama, warden (yes, warden), fairy, teacher, tutor, coach, witch, cook, chauffeur, secretary, technician, nurse, and cuddler, all before noon.

There are days, like today. Discontentment, yelling, roaring.  I feel like taking my two sweet children, and the dog.  opening the door, pushing them out, and locking it behind them. They make me CRAZY!!

That’s when I know it is time to pack them all in the car, and drive somewhere by the river.

Nature is like magic. My teen has miraculously removed the permanently attached iPod from her hand. My son is no longer bouncing around like a tennis ball, cool as a button, enchanted by nature…rocks, flowers, holes, bugs, water……my dog is like a happy puppy (as long as none of stray too far :)…the herding instinct never goes away), splashing around in the river, running in and out until he hides his stick because he happily DONE. My son kicks off his shoes and and runs in the water, happy as can be, even though the water is still freezing cold.

Me? As soon as I step out of my car onto the river rock, I am ZEN. My gaze goes down and I automatically start searching for that perfect rock. My house and property are filled with river rock, I love them so :). I breathe deeply, and am glad I am no longer stuck in my little house with 3 other swirling spirits that need to get out and TWIRL. The rushing water mesmerizes me, and though I am not supposed to step in the water now due to a wound, my dog tricked me in. My first thought was “FEAR! Open wound!”. Then spirit kicked in and let me know it was ok, it was time to go back to the river.

We played, took pictures, sorted rocks, splashed, walked……LAUGHED.

Yes, we laughed.

Nature did it again. Magic spells :).


These rocks say it all.

Funny ducks…they kept following me.

Happy Dog

Harlem Shake 🙂


JOURNEY: Looking at life through rose colored glasses….

Bliss. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss.

I have a few places that make me happy, but these two are available to me daily for ZEN, or when I need to recharge.

Morning walks (even if there are mornings I really have to drag myself out, and Rex has to bring me my shoes…). Once I am here, my heart is happy.

Fresh. Dew. Peace. Mystery. Companion. Mulberrys. Trees. Sacred Grove. Air.

…and then there is the RIVER! My escape.

Water. Flow. Strength. Peace. Friends. Happy Children. Nature. Trees. Cool. Zen.

Where do you go to recharge? What place makes your Spirit sigh in bliss?
An “escape plan” is mandatory…. 🙂

**If you are new here, you can get more details by clicking on the Journey tab.

Future ranch = another dog.

I know you are just dying to know what we do on weekends, here is a little sample of my Saturday :). It seems there is always something happening on Saturdays….

Today, we got up at the crack of down, fired up our GPS, and drove to a Sheepherding aptitude test. Our GSD is a “herding” dog, after all. Or rather, German Sheperds are herding dogs, but not mine LOL. Now we have the certificate to prove it!

Herding 101. What makes a good herder, and why some dogs aren’t. Finding out now that each of these 28 dogs will go in one at time, herd, be evaluated, etc. I am glad I brought food….

“Mommy, there are 28 dogs here just dying to play with ME! Please? Please?”

Yeah!! We are number 19, we are next!!

Rex is almost as big as the sheep. He chases them a bit, nibbles one in the butt, runs a bit more, but definitely does not have the prey/hunter instinct a good sheep dog needs/wants. He thought he was playing, LOL.

So, now we know that when we get our ranch, we will have to get a real sheepdog. Thank goodness, since Rex already has a job….Head Guard Dog.

Authentic living

Though my posts may seem sparse these days, it is not for the lack of SUBSTANCE in my life. Actually, the past days/weeks have been filled with things that make me ponder, and keep me away from the computer.

My garden is one. I nurtured, and even put in a watering system, but when I went to my sweet friend’s house last week, I just about died with envy when I saw her tomatoes. My tomatoes are just not happy, two of my plants keep dropping their Blossoms. I don’t do chemicals (my friend doesn’t either), and have tried to plump the earth…Well, now I have gone and bought some calcium in a bottle for an outrageous $7, and I am out there spraying EACH blossom in the hopes of coaxing a tomotoe to sprout. One of the scrawny plants is my Striped German, of all the nerve. Yet, some of my garden is blossoming, and parts are looking a bit like the Secret Garden….Benjamin planted beans everywhere, and they are trailing all over the place, creating some funky formations. I will post some pics at Green Sub Mama. The cuke is one that Benjamin tied off while it was growing, I found it like this :)….

My dog. Goddess bless him, poor buggar has something going on with his ear. First, I found what looked like a huge, full tick. I did not know it was a tick, to me it looked like a bloody Lima bean. It was laying on the floor, like an alien. We had no idea where it came from, only that it had blood in it. Ew… Later that night, we Googled dog ticks, and there was our friend. Looks like he must of been hanging on somewhere for some days, because he was quite “full”. We don’t know if it was in his ear, but now we have been digging and cleansing his one standing ear for 3 days, and he has had enough. I am getting a full body work out, as it seems that I am the only one who can administer ear stuff. Tonight, I squirted in Olive Oil, just incase it is ear mites. Another Ew. But I am sure as hell not going to pay $40 for the Vet (the one who always looks down his nose at me because my dog does not let him dig or squirt stuff in his ear voluntarily) to clean an ear. Since we are all downsizing, I even tried the mobile clinic at the Feed Store for vacs, and it was just fine…saved me $10+ a shot. Now my poor Rex crawled in his kennel in the hopes that I will not follow him in with my ear pharaphanelia….

We are gearing up for our homeschooling conference, which heads up our “not back to school” year:). It is a 4 day event, and we are all looking forward to it. After that, we start our schooly fieldtrips :)…our computer games, our science experiments. My kids do math and language arts every day, as well as history. This year we are studying Medieval times, and we are so stoked. We LOVE history.

I am spending much time thinking about how much more simple my life could be. I am also looking at ways to trade my talents for things we need. I am even thinking about setting up a big ol’ mirror, and cutting/dying hair. Not only because I love it, but because I feel a need to use my talents more. More on that in another post.

I am reading more, and not just “shop” stuff, school stuff, and how to manuals. Leisure reading; I am especially entranced by “Drums in Autumn” by D. Gibraldon, and am up till the wee hours in the morning reading. They are making me think more about simple living. I fully realize this is a novel, but still, their lives take on this weird twists, and they always make things work. Fascinating.

My Mama is coming in a few weeks, and we are planning a ROAD TRIP!! One with funny, kitschy stops, driving through trees, museums, dinasours, and lots of wild coast….I can’t wait!

Blasting the SpiritZappers, Day 11


It is getting harder and harder to find the Zappers in my house! 🙂 Guess it is time to zone in on the humane and community Zappers??

I am so concentrated on the zapping, I forget to share the fun stuff with you! Today, we were carless, so we harvested Chamomile….the zen of lopping off Chamomile heads while taking in the intoxicating scent of relaxation. Check it out.

SpiritZapper #10

The dog kennel.

We have an XL crate in our living room. A person of my size could live in there. My dog loves his crate, it is his peace place. I love my dog, and he needs to have his peace with the rest of the family.

Unfortunately, this big, black crate does nothing for the zen of our living room. Not only does it not match our “decor”, which I would dub “witchy, fairy, colorful, with a bit of IKEA”, but it also seems to attract CRAP like a magnet.

Ok, I am cleaning it off. Anyone have a remedy for magnetism??

What I am reading: Dragonfly in Amber, and various cookbooks I found at the thrift store.
What I am grateful for: My girlfriends
What I am manifesting: Sales

Stalking my dream house, right next to the Freeway…

Last week I decided to take my dog and explore a park, or what looked like a park when I drove by for the millionth time while shuttling my kids to yet another creative and brain expanding class :).

I found paradise, right next to the freeway!! Little fairy paths, wildflowers, and NO PEOPLE!! Ok, my dog did get a little freaked out, I thought it was the peacocks, but it was actually the creepy people hiding in the bushes. Note to self: Take pepper spray and let Rex go on his instinct.

So this week we went back, with camera in hand, because I also discovered that right by this fairy country is MY DREAM HOUSE. It looks like Pippi’s Villa Villakula, which you know is my idol for the perfect house. It’s a bit creaky, but look at the potential :)…and it has its’ own little mosquito breeding ground. I must say, the baby swans and peacocks might not be able to hang with Rex, but they sure are purdy. See anyone in the window???

Let me share…..

Close up of the house. I had an urge to go knock on the door…maybe next time, with back up.

Fairyland! Great for exploring…

My running partner in crime..will stalk houses with me any time.

All of a sudden the brush cleared, and we came to this! Poppy!!

I gathered, and thank Gaia for her purdy purple flowers….

OUCH! This stuff was everywhere. At first I thought it was a type of nettle, but it is not, still checking.

Much love,

What I am grateful for: Moments by myself to ponder nature.

What I am manifesting: The owner of this house gifting it to me :). We are the perfect inhabitants for this house.

Where the Heck is Heike??

Happy New Year, my friends!

I am coming out of hiding :)…ready for the the New Year? Who knows??

When I woke up on on the 1st, I thought I was. I have my list, I had my schedule for the classes I wanted to start the next day, I had my books. I even had my piles of laundry and “paper-crap” ready to sort the next day (remember, no cleaning on the 1st??).

So, Mr. Heike had to work, and I had the grand idea to take the dog and the kids, and take a nice long walk to visit Papa. On the way home

Rex, who I will call “The Culprit” saw a cat before I did. The rest is comical history. Rex sees cat, takes a flying leap, I am on the other end of the leash, go flying behind Rex and fall flat on my ass, then my left hip. I hold on. Eventually, I regain control of “The Culprit”, and hobble home. My right foot feels strange. I get home, take of my clothes and examine my wounds. I have a huge bruise on the side of my BUTT. Hmmm….my foot sure feels weird. I look down, and my ankle begins to swell. Heike Jr. seems to remember that my right foot went the other way, in the opposite direction of my body. There you have it, I sprained my damn ankle!

I have a phobia of doctors, and happily determined that it was probably not broken, as I was able to walk (bounce? hobble? squeak?) on it. Though I did get a bit uneasy when it swoll up around the back of my foot (which seems to be the tendon that is probably the length of my thigh now) and turned dark blue.

I am happy to say that I am healing. It is still swollen, blue, and I am still limping around, but it is getting better. Damnit! This put my whole Happy New Year Plan to shits. Now I have to catch up, and get going before the Full Moon.

Having to sit around brought some good things. I am learning EFT (tap, tap, tap), which gives me a another venue of healing. I watched “WANTED” with Angelina Jolie (I want to be her :).), started my journal, and that was about all I was allowed to do. No putting up your foot and resting in this house. If I broke my foot we would probably all shrivel up and die.

Ever feel unappreciated? Just hurt yourself, you will see that the world needs you.

As macabre as it may sound, while I was feeling sorry for myself, I got a pep me up. I received an IM, then a follow up email from a friend who said “I was her last hope” :)…she is very pregnant, and sick since Jan. 2. She tried various things, even medication because she was desperate, nothing helped and she was miserable. A remedy popped in, she did it, and a few hours later I received an email of relief :). Love it, the natural world and the gypsy roots are all good. For me, there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that I can help. Glad you feel better, Mon Amie!

I think we forget sometimes how important we are, each one, in the full circle. Take a moment, a simple email, a thank you, a smile, can change someone else’s day, even their outlook.

Much love,

What I am grateful for: The people I touch with my words.

What I am manifesting: Health & Energy :).